Year 2/3

Welcome to Year 2/3

We are all remarkable children who have a love of learning.

Our teacher is Miss Roberts and

our teaching assistant's are Miss Sands and Mrs Martin.

Useful information

Our School Day will begin at 9.15am and finish at 2.45pm.

We will enter through the main playground door and leave through the same way.

Summer Term 1

Science - Plants

History - Ancient Greece

Geography - Shafton and local areas

Art - Van Gogh, drawing and sketching

Spanish - Time, songs and games

PSHCE - Health and Wellbeing

RE - Places of worship for Christians

PE -Tennis and Athletics

Keep reading at home and make a comment in your child’s reading record book. Make sure books and diaries come in to school every day so that I can read your comments and make sure their reading book is changed. If your child reads at home 3 times or more during the week they will receive a prize on a Friday.

PE - Please come to school in your outdoor PE kit on a Friday. Remember to tie your hair back and remove any jewellery!

REMEMBER to use Espresso and Times Table Rock Stars

Your log in details are in the front of your home/school reading diary


Your child will have a weekly spelling test. I will give out spellings on a Friday and your child will be tested the following Friday. Please help your child to learn these at home; spelling forms a vital part of the curriculum. Here are some more spellings that we learn in Year 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Our Classroom


We have started our new topic about plants. We started by identifying and labelling the different parts of a plant. Then we went outside to explore our school groups to see what plants we could find. We used magnifying glasses to help us see the plants close up. Then we dug up some dandelions to look at the roots. We all have such a super science lesson.

Happy Easter

We have enjoyed making our Easter cards and Easter baskets. We have learnt all about the Easter story and Easter traditions. Our class have had lots of fun making Easter crafts.


This is our area where we can leave a message for the worry monster, write a note for our teacher or for our friends. We can read books all about feelings and share stories about our families. We can talk about our worries or we can share stories that make us happy and laugh. We can make cards for our family or friends and tell them how much we love and care about them. We have QR codes that can be scanned and take us to some lovely websites to help with our wellbeing and feelings.

All the children made beautiful Mother's Day cards and they wrote a letter to tell their Mum how special and loved they are!

Ancient Greece

We have been finding out all about the Ancient Greeks. We have researched all about Greece and located it using an Atlas. We have found out about Democracy, Pottery, Gods and Goddesses and the Olympics. We have so much more to find out. We have lots of artefacts, books and QR codes to help us. Some of us are using the role play to act out life in Ancient Greece.

In our Art lessons we made a wash and used ink pens to draw some of the Ancient Greek pottery.



We had such a super day and we did so many lovely and fun activities.

Our Reading Areas

We are enjoying our new reading area in Year 2/3. We have so many books to choose from.

All around our classroom, we have opportunities to read and explore different texts linked to our current learning and topics. Our reading area is where we can relax and chose a fiction book to get lost in. It is clearly organised with a range of books and comfy cushions. We have 4 Author baskets which have a QR code that we can scan using an iPad. This takes us to their web page where we can learn more about them!

Miss Roberts has a basket of her favourite books and we are always adding to our class favourites basket too!


In our science lessons we have been learning about 'Rocks'. We have been identifying natural and man-made rocks. As part of a lesson we went outside to search for man-made rocks. We found quite a collection of different rocks, we are holding in the photo below. We could also see that our school is made from brick and the playground from concrete.

We carried out an investigation to find out the properties of rocks. We found out if they were permeable, durable and if they had high or low density.

Then we went on to discover the fossilisation process. We made our own fossils using clay and small dinosaur skeletons, we really enjoyed the lessons.


Christmas Celebrations

I hope you enjoy our retelling of the Christmas story and our singing of Christmas songs too. We have been enjoying lots of fun activities especially our Christmas lunch. We are excited about our Christmas party!

Merry Christmas Y23.mp4
Merry Christmas


We had such a fantastic day! We played lots of party games, had lovely party food and had lots of Christmas activities to do.

This is definitely one of our many 'Memorable Moments'.

Our Christmas Party
Party Game

Letter to Santa

We all wrote a letter to Santa telling how good we have been all year at home and at school. We told him what we would like for Christmas and that we hoped we were on his good list.

We could not believe it when we got a reply and we all got a certificate from him telling us that we were all on his good list!



We used our imagination to think of lots of adjectives to describe a spooky house and it's setting. We even had spooky music on in the background to create a spooky atmosphere. Later we made a potion. It was fantastic and so much fun!

3 MAGICAL SPELLS TO DO WITH CHILDREN THIS HALLOWEEN - follow the link to find the Witches Waterfall Potion we made.

Witches Waterfall Potion.docx


What a wonderful time we have had finding out about harvest time. We have been reading and researching, making our own acrostic poems and using textiles to make a scarecrow collage. We even made a harvest wreath in the shape of a pumpkin.

We also enjoyed having some harvest fruit and vegetables.

Roald Dahl Day

We have had such a fun time finding out all about Roald Dahl and his life. We wrote a fact file about him and we completed a reading comprehension task about him. Then we focussed on the BFG story and wrote a character description. After that we used our imagination and pretended to be a giant and described what we would be like.

Finally we designed a dream jar!

We celebrated his birthday with cakes and cookies.

Our class story at the moment is the 'Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl.


In our history lessons we have been finding out about Stone Age life. We did some research about hunting, food, tools and fishing. We read the story about 'Stone Age' boy then we went outside and used our imagination to pretend we were from the Stone Age. We pretended to be hunter gatherers. We pretended to have weapons to hunt food, we gathered sticks to make a fire and we gathered food such as berries and crab apples. We had such a fun time!

Cave Paintings

We had such a fun time trying to do our cave paintings under the tables.

Made a background wash using water colours and used charcoal to draw the Stone Age animals.

Recycling Week 21st - 27th September 2020

In our class we have learnt all about what we can recycle and what happens to our rubbish when our bins are emptied. Our school now have bins in classrooms that are for paper and cardboard recycling only. We all designed a poster and wrote a speech about why we would like to be nominated to be an Eco Representative for our new Eco Group. These are the children who would like to be nominated. Good Luck!

We had a vote and our class Eco Representatives are Eden-Rose and Robyn - fantastic!

Art Lessons

We have been using water colours to create a wash for our Stone Age art work and for our calendars.

Safety online

It is very important to keep yourself safe while using the internet. Please make sure you know how to be safe online and check the links below if you are unsure. Keep talking to your adults at home and making sure you are working where they can see you!

Childnet International - the smart rules for going online

Digizen - What makes a good Digizen?

Kidsmart - Safety tips for kids

Think U Know - Do you know how to stay safe online, find out!

Who is hosting this? - A fantastic E-Safety guide for parents