Year 2

Year 2- Miss Margereson and Mrs Stephenson

A warm welcome to Year 2

My name is Miss Margereson. I am the Year 2 class teacher and also Head of School at Shafton Primary. Our teaching assistant this year is Miss Hayes. Mrs Stephenson will also be teaching in Year 2 this year.

Year 2 is an exciting and challenging year. As the oldest children in Key Stage One, Year 2 act as role models for the younger children and set good examples in both work, play and behaviour.

The children are given greater responsibility and more independence during class activities.

General Information

In Year 2 we have PE twice a week; please can you ensure that your child has both indoor and outdoor kit which is clearly labelled. Your child should bring this into school on a Monday morning, leaving it in school all week and taking it home on a Friday.

Book bags also need to be brought into school every day. Your child will be provided with a reading record book which we ask you to fill in every time you read with your child. Should we need to make a comment about your child’s reading we will do so in this book. Reading books will be changed on a weekly basis.

The expectation has grown in year two and we want the children to become more independent. This means remembering all the things they need for the school day, practicing their spellings and reading at home.

Each term the children will be taught an exciting range of topics. Please see below for the recent topics being taught. This will be changed each term.

Resilient Reader

Resilient Reader is a super hero character which has been designed to help children with their comprehension skills during lessons. As you can see he uses his hands to help children pick out the important information in a text.

We are excited to announce the Resilient Reader will be visiting Shafton Primary Academy on the 14th November!

Literacy and Reading

In Literacy the children will focus on developing their independent story writing. We will look at more complex sentence structures and developing our use of punctuation. We will also improve our spelling skills and ensure we are applying the spellings which we know.

In reading we will continue to read a range of genres. We will focus on reading fluently, using expression and ensuring children have a range of strategies to decode any unknown words. We will also be developing comprehension skills through weekly comprehension tasks.

Wherever possible, we aim to link reading and writing opportunities to our topic work.

Your child will read each week during a guided reading session with an adult. They will also have lots of opportunities for independent reading in class. The reading diaries are for you to write a comment in about how your child has read at home. If we need to wrote a comment or communicate with you regarding your child's reading we will do so in the reading diary.

Autumn term pictures

Thank you to Macey for bringing her pet tortoises into school. The children really enjoyed holding them.

Here are some pictures of the children enjoying the Plague Doctor outfits in class. You can also see some of the Great Fire Of London displays. The children could not believe some of the interesting facts about what happened to people when they caught the Plague.

Here are our finished pieces of art work about The Great Fire Of London. The children used water colour and card with our specialist art teacher in school. I think you will agree they look great.

Here is the Year 2 Harvest Wreath which we made for the Harvest Festival Assembly. We wrote about all the important things that happen during harvest time. These were displayed during out Harvest Assembly and children showed their Harvest art work to family and friends.

We have had lots of fun using clay during our art lessons to make Plague Doctor masks. We used a variety of different tools and techniques to get the right shape.

Spring Term pictures

Here are some examples of the exciting things we have been learning about during our Spring term.

We created some Owl Babies Art work using - tissue paper, paper plates, coloured card and google eyes.

We have also been writing the story of the Owl Babies concentrating on adjectives and describing the setting of the story.

In History we have been learning about Florence Nightingale and why she is famous. We will then be moving onto Mary Seacole who was also a famous nurse.

Here you can see some of our writing about nursing in the 1950's and nursing now. We also made our own lanterns which you can see dandling from the ceiling.

The children have been able to dress up in modern nursing outfits in our role play area.

Our New reading corner this term is based around our Geography topic Kenya. The children have a Kenya Village to explore and read in. There are African animal puppets, a selection of non-fiction books about Africa and Kenya, dressing up clothes and traditional African artefacts. The children are loving reading in this area.

To link with our Geography topic the children have been reading the story Handa's Surprise. They have all wrote a retell of the story adding in their own ideas. The children have also made 3D fruits for Handa's basket.

On Health Day we tasted some of the fruits that Handa had in her basket. Most children were surprised to find out that they really liked the passion fruit and Mango was a clear Favourite.

Summer Term news and pictures

This term will be filled with lots of exciting things. We will be going to the Deep in June for our class trip. The school garden has been cleared and we now have a brand new polytunnel and more gardening beds for the children to plant in. So lots of gardening will be happening during this term.

The children will also be doing their SAT's the first two weeks in May. During this time the children will be doing lots of exciting activities with our visitor Mrs Porritt. She will be working with us for three weeks.

Summer Term pictures

Here are some pictures from our Spring flowers work. These were then presented during our Easter Assembly.