Year 2

Year 2- Miss Margereson and Mrs Stephenson

A warm welcome to Year 2

My name is Miss Margereson. I am the Year 2 class teacher and also Head of School at Shafton Primary. Our teaching assistant this year is Mrs Richardson. Mrs Stephenson will also be teaching in Year 2 this year.

Year 2 is an exciting and challenging year. As the oldest children in Key Stage One, Year 2 act as role models for the younger children and set good examples in both work, play and behaviour.

The children are given greater responsibility and more independence during class activities.

Home learning information and google classroom.

All learning will now be set through Google Classroom so log on and explore!

Tutorial videos and extra information about our wonderful virtual learning will be uploaded onto the `Home Learning` tab on our school website.

Hi Y2,

Hope you are all safe and well. We are now using Google Classroom for your learning. The tasks that have been set on here (this web page), you will find a copy of it on Google Classroom, as this is an area where you can show us your work by either completing tasks interactively or uploading images or documents of what you have done.

So please go to Google Classroom to see what your latest work is and when it is due in.

If you have any problems logging in or have forgotten your details - please get in touch with school asap!

Best Wishes

Miss Margereson and Mrs Stephenson xxx

Staying safe online.

As you are using the Internet to support with your home learning, remember that we need to stay safe online.

1. never give out your personal details like your name or address.

2. tell an adult if you come across anything that upsets you.

There is more information on eSafety on our eSafety webpage. To find this click on the More tab above, then eSafety.


Please see videos from Miss Smith explaining how book club works in school. This will help when you are reading with your child.


A little message from Miss Margereson xx

week 2 catch up.mp4

Week 2 catch up video

Hello 24/3/20.mp4

A little message from Mrs Stephenson xx

contents of pack.mp4

Please watch this video first as it explains what is inside your home learning pack.

While school is closed.

Your child will bring home a pack of work which will contain, Maths, Grammar and Reading Comprehension activities. There will also be a pencil and an exercise book to work in. Your pack still contains SAT's practice booklets please still do these as it will help with your learning. There will be no SAT's in year 2 this year.

Home learning.

As addition to this please see below links and other activities that your child can access from home.

BBC Bitesize:

This is the link to BBC Bitesize KS1. This is a great online resources that has resources for all areas of the curriculum.



-Times Tables Rockstars. (See the front of your diary for your username and password)


-Telling the time on an analogue clock. Practice reading the time on an analogue clock to o'clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to, as an extension to the nearest 5 minutes so 5 past, 10 past etc.

-Money. Practice making different amounts using a range of coins e.g. can you make 9p in different ways?

The children will bring home a pack of work containing a range of maths concepts.


The children will have a copy of year 2 common exception words in the pack that they will take home. These need to be practised.

Reading and grammar.

Please continue reading from your reading book and fill in your reading diary.

Read any other books that you have at home and magazines.

The children will bring home a pack of work containing grammar activities and reading comprehensions.

Writing ideas.

Easter story, The story of Anne Frank, Who is Grace Darling, Traditional Tales, dinosaurs, a favourite holiday you have been on and a diary entry (your child could pretend to be Anne Frank).

Religious Education.

Please see below a link to the Easter story. This is the current topic that the children are learning about.

History and Geography.

Anne Frank house. Here is the website that you can use to look at Anne Frank's house interactively (we have used this in class).

Anne Frank - please see below a link to Newsround. This is a video that the children can watch.

Research an animal found in Kenya - what different ways could you present your work? (Powerpoint, poster, model)

Seaside - what seaside places have you visited either in the UK or abroad.

Grace Darling - who is Grace Daring? Carry pout own research about why she is a famous person. Please see the link below to a BBC video all about her.

Art and D&T

Kenya - Make an African drum or mask. What materials could you use to make and decorate it?

Seaside - Seaside art (beach, lighthouse, shells, fish)- collage, models, painting, drawing


Plants - Grow a plant. What does it need to grow? How tall can it grow? Use Espresso Science area which contains lots of games and online activities.

Plants - Can you name and draw different plants? Choose a plant of your choice.

Mindfulness and Keeping Active

Free workout aimed at kids LIVE on my YouTube channel -

Lots of videos for dance, mindfulness and brainercise -

Yoga videos designed for kids -

Keep up to date with the daily news -

Use Twinkl for great resources and ideas for all subject areas

Please see below learning videos which are linked to the different areas of learning in year 2.

Maths Videos

In this section we will put some maths videos to help with your home learning.

method maths y2.mp4

Method Maths.

This is a website that you can use interactively to help with your maths home learning. Check the video out, as it tells you how to log in and how to use it. Also listen out to the video, as I've set you something to do!

Mrs Stephenson xx

Time Tables Rock Stars

Remember to keep playing Times Tables Rock Stars. Your username and password are in the front of your reading diary. Keep checking for battles that I may have set up between classes or girls V boys. Who will be the winners?

Also if you play in the studio area and earn a certificate keep a look out in your school email for it.

Keep TT Rocking!

arithmetic lesson.mp4

Here is an arithmetic video. You can work along with the video so grab a pencil and your book or paper.

money 1p, 2p, 5p.mp4

Making amounts using 1ps, 2ps and 5ps.

Check the video out about making amounts using only 1ps, 2ps and 5ps. Can you do the challenge I've set at the end in your book or on paper?

Money 10p 20p 50p

Making amounts using 10ps, 20ps and 50ps.

Check out this latest video on how to make amounts using only 10ps, 20ps and 50ps. Just like the previous video I have set a challenge at the end for you.


Keep checking this section for Spelling videos and activities.

common exception words.mp4

Common Exception words.

Remember to keep practising your common exception words you will find the sheet in your learning pack.

History and Geography home learning videos and activities.


Either to make an African drum or mask. Please watch our video for the lesson introduction.

General Information

In Year 2 we have PE twice a week; please can you ensure that your child has both indoor and outdoor kit which is clearly labelled. Your child should bring this into school on a Monday morning, leaving it in school all week and taking it home on a Friday.

Book bags also need to be brought into school every day. Your child will be provided with a reading record book which we ask you to fill in every time you read with your child. Should we need to make a comment about your child’s reading we will do so in this book. Reading books will be changed on a weekly basis.

The expectation has grown in year two and we want the children to become more independent. This means remembering all the things they need for the school day, practicing their spellings and reading at home.

Each term the children will be taught an exciting range of topics. Please see below for the recent topics being taught. This will be changed each term.

Resilient Reader

Resilient Reader is a super hero character which has been designed to help children with their comprehension skills during lessons. As you can see he uses his hands to help children pick out the important information in a text.

Literacy and Reading

In Literacy the children will focus on developing their independent story writing. We will look at more complex sentence structures and developing our use of punctuation. We will also improve our spelling skills and ensure we are applying the spellings which we know.

In reading we will continue to read a range of genres. We will focus on reading fluently, using expression and ensuring children have a range of strategies to decode any unknown words. We will also be developing comprehension skills through weekly comprehension tasks.

Wherever possible, we aim to link reading and writing opportunities to our topic work.

Your child will read each week during a guided reading session with an adult. They will also have lots of opportunities for independent reading in class. The reading diaries are for you to write a comment in about how your child has read at home. If we need to write a comment or communicate with you regarding your child's reading we will do so in the reading diary.

Some children will have reading for pleasure books - this is to encourage children to enjoy reading more and to choose books which challenge them. The children will be able to read these books around the different reading areas in school. For example in the library, taking the reading dolly for a walk, in the story telling areas sitting on the bean bags and in the classroom reading area.

Please see pictures of our new Autumn reading area below. The area links in with our history topic about The Plague. The children have designed a plague house. The reading bookcase displays a range of books that link to our current learning in class. The bookcase also has dressing up clothes and reading challenge cards.

Please see below the topics which will be covered during the Autumn term

Miss Margereson will be teaching the Literacy and Mrs Stephenson will be teaching the Maths.

  • History: The Plague, Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
  • Literacy: Traditional tails, writing linked to topic work, reading comprehensions and grammar lessons
  • Geography: Continents and Oceans and villages
  • RE: Creation Story, Hinduism and The Christmas Story
  • Bespoke curriculum: Nocturnal animals and role models

Owl Art Work

The children in year 2 have been busy making their own owls. This links in with our bespoke curriculum topic Nocturnal Animals. The children will also be writing some facts about nocturnal animals so keep checking back for some more photographs.

Our Owl Art Work Display

Science in Year 2

Year 2 have been able to use lots of scientific equipment to carry out different science experiments. We have used the microscopes to look at life cycles. We also had the chance to use the lab coats and magnifying glasses.

Spring Term

Please see below some of the topics that the children will be covering in the Spring term.

Science - living things and their habitats

History - Anne Frank and Grace Darling. The history of lifeboats.

Geography - Africa main focus on Kenya.

Art - Clay finger pots, looking at a famous artist.

D&T - making a lighthouse, Mothers Day cards, Easter cards, Easter buns/biscuits

Child led - Dinosaurs and light houses

Shafton Drivers - famous people from Barnsley

Literacy - looking at homophones, subordination, coordination, reading comprehension skills, extended writing, spelling common exception words.

Spring term 2020

During the spring term we have lots of exciting things happening. We are having a big push on encouraging children to read and use their reading for pleasure books to challenge themselves on a daily basis.

Our reading areas for this half term have been chosen by the children. One is linked to Anne Frank and the other is linked to Dinosaurs. We use these areas on a daily basis for reading in either individually or in partners.

Reading for pleasure is still a big part of the year 2 curriculum and the children have chosen a selection of books for the basket.

The children used water colour paints, masking tape and fine black pens to create these winter trees in Art.

Below is our Winter acrostic poetry display. We used lots of adjectives and connectives to write our poems. We really enjoyed this activity.

Pumpkin Soup

The children have been reading a book called Pumpkin Soup as a whole class. We then went onto writing a retell about the story. The children really enjoyed the story so we decided to make our own pumpkin soup. We chopped and peeled all the vegetables and used a soup maker. It was delicious!

Special Events Photos

Here the children are enjoying the Christmas Panto that we went to watch. This is such a treat for the children.

We celebrated world Book Day this year, The children dressed up as their favourite book characters and read their favourite books to their friends.

Chinese New Year 2020

The whole school enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year. It was the year of the Rat. We had a wonderful Chinese meal and each class celebrated in their own way. We tried some prawn crackers and different Chinese sauces and made Chinese dragons.

The children in Year 2 also practiced writing in Chinese and also learnt about the story of the Zodiac.

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