Our teachers are Mrs Stephenson & Miss Margereson

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Richardson

A warm welcome to Year 2

Year 2 is an exciting and challenging year. As the oldest children in Key Stage One, Year 2 act as role models for the younger children and set good examples in both work, play and behaviour.

The children are given greater responsibility and more independence during class activities.

Useful information

Our school day starts at 8:45 and finishes at 2:45.

Playtime: 10:15 - 10:30

Lunchtime: 11:30 - 12:15

Our topics this half term are:

· English — English is split into x1 Reading Comprehension lesson, x1 Grammar lesson, x2 Writing lessons and x1 Spelling and Handwriting a week. Our writing lessons will take inspiration from other curriculum areas such as History.

Spelling test is on a Friday.

· Maths — In Maths we follow the AET scheme of work. This half term we will be focussing on the units: Investigating number system, Patterns in numbers and solving calculation problems. Within Maths lessons there will be arithmetic and times tables practise.

· History — The Great Fire of London

· Geography — Continents and World Oceans

· Child-Led — Nocturnal Animals

· Science — Animals including humans

· D&T — model houses inspired by the Great Fire of London

· RE — The Creation Story

· PE Indoor: gymnastics floor work. Outdoor: hockey.

Our PE days are Wednesday.

Your child is able to wear their PE kit on our PE day. Please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for the weather conditions.

Jewellery—earrings and watches must be removed before PE.

If you have long hair then you must have it tied back.


Reading is very important in Y2. Please ensure that your child brings their reading book and record everyday. On a Friday, children who have read 3 or more times in the week will be able to pick a prize from the prize box.

Remember to use Espresso and Times Tables Rockstars. You child's log in is in the front of their reading diary.

Spellings in Year 2

Each week your child will have a set of new spellings to learn. It is important that you help your child practice these spellings. Spelling sheets are provided for you.

Common exception words are a set of words that your child must learn to recognise and spell by the end of year 2. You will find a picture of these so that your child can be learning these as an extra piece of homework.


Common Exception words.

Our Classroom.

Come and look at our classroom environment

Our Reading corner

This half term our reading corner is nocturnal animal/ woodland themed. We have a variety of fiction and non-fiction books that are suited to all our readers. On our book case we have a range of challenge cards and activities to push us with our reading further. We have a range of puppets and masks to immerse ourselves in the books and characters that we are reading.

Our ICT Area

This is our ICT area. We are very lucky to have both IPads and Chromebooks to help us in our learning.

We also know that being safe online is important so we have posters to remind us how to do that.

Our History Area

This half term, our topic in History is The Great Fire of London. This is our topic area where we can act out people from the Great Fire using the puppets and masks, colour Great Fire of London pictures, complete a word search or find out facts and information from the books and printed information PowerPoints about it.

Our Calm Corner

This is our Calm Corner, where we can go and have a break if we feel things are becoming over-whelming for us. There are some teddies that we can cuddle or talk to about our feelings. There are cards with techniques to help us calm down and mindful colouring and dot-to-dot sheets to help us. Our mental health is valued and just as important as our physical health.

Our Maths Area

This is our Maths Area. It has a range of equipment that we will need to use to help us with our learning. There are mini activities and challenges for us to complete if we have completed all our other Maths work.

Our Science Area

This is our Science Area, our current topic is Animals including humans. Our Science area has information books and posters. There are interactive things to do such as matching a picture of the parent with the adult (there are some that are in activity to make us think as not all off-spring look like their parents when they are born!)

Staying safe online.

As you are using the Internet to support with your home learning, remember that we need to stay safe online.

1. never give out your personal details like your name or address.

2. tell an adult if you come across anything that upsets you.

There is more information on eSafety on our eSafety webpage. To find this click on the More tab above, then eSafety.

Last Years Learning.

Here is what Y2 did last year!

Year 2 Sports Day

Sports Day.MOV

We used seaside themed silhouettes and pastels to draw lines away from the picture. The children then used their finger to smudge the lines outward to create the effect.

We then removed the picture to reveal the silhouette. The children loved doing this and we think they look really effective!

Seaside Pastel Art

Beans in a Bag

To start our plants topic we have planted some beans in a bag. To do this the children wet some kitchen roll and placed it in their bag. They then put a bean onto the paper and sealed the bag up a little. We created our very own 'greenhouses' and have hung them up in the classroom to hopefully watch the roots and shoots grow. We will keep you updated!

They grew!!

We re-planted them in plant pots to continue growing.

Under the Sea Exploring in PE

The children explored moving like an octopus, crab and lobster. They also worked together to make a shipwreck and swam around like fish.

The Queen's Birthday

The children enjoyed celebrating the Queen's birthday by making their very own cucumber sandwiches and designing a birthday cake for the Queen herself!

Earth Day

Earth Day was founded in 1970 and we have been learning all about what we can do to help the planet we live on. The children enjoyed being a part of this and making the Earth using their hand prints and how it shows that we have a direct affect on the Earth.

Vegetable Art Printing

In art we are exploring printing and we are going to use different vegetables to see what effects we can create with them. Here the children used celery sticks to print the scales onto fish for our reading corner. We think they look really effective!

Easter Art & Crafts

The children enjoyed learning about Easter and the different symbols and their importance to Christians. They made stained glass windows and tasted hot cross buns. The children also decorated their own Easter buns, which looked delicious!

World Book Day Fun

We all had lots of fun to celebrate World Book Day. Do you like our costumes?

Our Sunflower Art

This half term we are learning about Vincent van Gogh. We learned lots of facts about him and did some writing about him and then we looked at one of his most famous paintings, Sunflowers. We then created our own sunflower art. The children really enjoyed doing this.

We also have other areas around the classroom that promote reading.

Our Kenyan Hut Reading Corner

Kenyan Art

In Geography we have been learning about Kenya. To link this with art the children have made some Kenyan sunset paintings. They worked with Mrs Craddock and used a watercolour wash for the base. They then added some red watercolour lines and tipped the paper to make it run and blend to make the sunset effect. Once they were dry the children used a stencil and a sponge with black paint to make the silhouettes against the sunset background. Here are some photos, I hope you will agree the children have done really well with them and they look amazing!

Merry Christmas!

We hope you enjoy our little Christmas video and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from everyone in Year 2!

Year 2 Christmas.MOV

Here is a little video of our Christmas fun, including some crafting and our party! The children had a blast!


Winter Art Work using watercolour Paints.

The children in Year 2 have been busy making Winter trees using watercolour paints.

Our Autumn Reading Area

This term we have based our reading areas around a forest. The children have also been working hard on their nocturnal animals sketches in Art.

Pumpkin Art work and Nocturnal Art work.

Geography- Continents and World Oceans

The children are really enjoying learning about the continents of the world so far this half term. We know their names, from largest to smallest and can locate them on a map. Here are some photos of the children exploring an atlas to find the continents.

Here is the link to a continents song that the children really enjoy singing along with.

Special Events Photos

Our Harvest Afternoon- Wednesday 7th October

To celebrate Harvest, Year 2 had a lovely afternoon taking part in a couple of art activities.

We painted autumn trees, using autumn colours and broccoli to make the effect of the autumn leaves on the trees.

We also printed a pumpkin patch. The children had started these with Mrs Craddock, doing a wash of paint and adding autumnal colours to make the background. They then used half an apple and half a radish to print pumpkin shapes onto the forefront of their dry washes of colour, to create the image of a pumpkin patch. Once they had dried they used felt tip pen to add the stalks of the pumpkins on. The children are very proud of their work and we think they look great!

Here is a little video of our afternoon.

Harvest & Autumn Art

Black History Month October 2020

As part of Black History Month each class has chosen someone to learn about and do activities linked to that person. Our influential black celebrity we focussed on was Ainsley Harriott!

We spent some time learning a little about him and his background, especially in food and cooking. We enjoyed watching him on Ready, Steady, Cook and even listening to his top single 'World Party'. (The children enjoyed having a little bit of a jig to it, it's got quite a beat!)

Then we spent some time being little chefs and making our very own sweet fruit skewers, using bananas, strawberries, oranges and marshmallows, all topped off with chocolate drizzle! Yummy! Here are our little chefs in action!

Here is the link to his song, 'World Party'.

Recycling Week 21st - 27th September 2020

In Year 2 we discussed what recycling was and why it was important to our planet and animals. We also watched some videos that showed us what happens to our rubbish that we get rid of at home. We learnt that different rubbish needs to be recycled into different bins so it can go to the right places to be reused. We now have a new green bin in our classroom that is for paper and card only.

Our school is launching a new Eco Group. The children in year 2 who wanted to be a part of this group stood up in front of the class and made a speech to tell everyone why they should represent year 2 in our new Eco Group. We are looking forward to seeing what the new Eco Group can bring to our school.

Here are some photos of the children doing a recycling sorting activity and we all contributed to a recycling collage too.

Our Year 2 representatives for Eco Group are Amelie Clarke and Archie Dabill! Well done!