Year 1/2

Year 1/2 - Miss Bray & Miss Pickering


Hello, my name is Miss Bray and I am lucky enough to be the teacher of this group of wonderful children this year. My other roles in our school include Behaviour and Wellbeing Lead and also Special Needs Coordinator.

Our Teaching Assistant this year is Miss Pickering.

We are a mixed class of Year 1 and Year 2 children.

We are an extremely hard working and enthusiastic class who love to immerse ourselves in learning.

Beatrix Potter

Before the holidays, the children decided that they would like to explore the life and stories of Beatrix Potter after reading some of her books in our library.

When the children arrived back after Easter, they were greeted with a brand new interactive Beatrix Potter area comprising of small world, puppets, dress up, masks, fact cards, writing opportunities, vocabulary and research tasks to complete.

I cannot wait to see where the topic takes us next!

Mr McGregor's Rhubarb Crumble...

After retelling the Tale of Peter Rabbit, we found some of Mr McGregor's rhubarb from his garden. We took the skin off, then carefully chopped it up. Miss Bray then stewed it for us and the next day, we made our very own little crumbles which we enjoyed with a selection of Beatrix Potter stories.

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Instructional writing- How to make a Stickman doll

We have been working hard to plan, create and then write instructions on how to create a Stickman doll. We planned our writing using pictures and phrases whilst making our dolls, then we got straight to our writing!

Reading at home

Reading in our class over the last half term has been brilliant. This half term, I would like to continue the excellent progress by asking that you make an extra effort to read with your child each day. It honestly has a massive impact on progress in both reading and writing.

Here is a sneaky peek of our brand new seaside-themed reading area!

Cheep, cheep! The chicks have arrived...

We were lucky enough to have a visit from the newly hatched chicks from our Foundation stage. Children were so gentle and loving towards them, it was lovely to see.

Our Wonderful Library!

In our class, we love making the most of our incredible library, right outside our classroom. Some of us curl up with a book in the beanbags, some explore the artifacts in our non-fiction area and others share a story in one of our big books.

New Topics for the Summer Term

Science: Plants

History: Seaside past & present


Geography: Seaside journeys

Compass directions

Learning in Year 1/2

Expectations in my class in terms of behaviour, attitude and work are exceptionally high. Children will be challenged and stretched within a nurturing environment, there is no doubt that they will reach their full potential. We will be covering some really interesting topics, including lots of creative cross-curricular links.

Spellings will be given out on Monday and children will be tested the following Monday each week so it is vital that spelling books are brought in.

Our class will have PE twice a week. PE kits will need to be brought to school every Monday and taken home on Friday.

Reading is a vitally important subject and is taken very seriously here at Shafton Primary. Children are expected to bring their reading record and reading book every day in order for us to read with them in school and change books when required. Reading with your child at home as much as possible will have a huge impact on their learning and progress.

Remember to use Espresso at home.

Your login details can be found in the front of your reading diary.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is the UK's leading educational digital content company. It is available for parents and children to use at home. The aim is to transform learning at home by providing high-quality educational resources. Espresso Primary is an easy-to-use and constantly growing library of digital educational resources. Everything on Espresso supports the National Curriculum and the classroom work which we do here a Shafton Primary. Children can log on to this resource at home by using their log in details given to them by their teacher.

A taste of Year 1/2...

Our Perfect Autumn Afternoon

What a perfect afternoon! As a team, we chopped up vegetables such as pumpkin, parsnip, squash, onion and courgette. We boiled and blended it together to make a delicious autumn soup. In our woodland, we sat in a circle and read an autumn story while we slurped our tasty soup and dipped in the bread that we had buttered ourselves.

Spanish Day!

We had such an exciting Spanish Day today. Children in our class looked wonderful and enjoyed every single minute of our immersive activities. We began by designing and creating our very own tourist leaflets about Spain, we then practiced our Salsa moves and made Spanish flags. In the afternoon, we learned all about Spanish food and tasted valencia orange, green olives and chorizo. We had very mixed reviews!

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Autumn Material Collecting

We spent part of our afternoon collecting autumn leaves, pinecones and other autumnal materials ready to add to our class wreath. We loved exploring and looking at all the beautiful autumnal colours.

Safety Day

We explored what it means to be a `Community Hero` in our class. We discussed all of the fabulous things that people do in our community to keep us safe. We interviewed Mr Lawson, our caretaker and also Mrs Silverwood. Afterwards, we wrote thank you letters to give to our heroes.

A tour of our classroom...

Here is our Magical Reading Forest, it is the perfect place to curl up with a book. It is also where our `reading happens. (You will find out more about this on the first day back at school).

This is an exploration area based on the book we will be learning about in Literacy. There are QR codes, fact cards, puppets and even a small world area so you can take the story wherever you choose.

Here are the other areas in our classroom which include a building site, an ICT hub, a Maths garden, dinosaur spelling zone, History area and sensory area. I cannot wait to see all you explorers enjoying them!

Reading Matters!

Reading is one of the most important things your child will learn whilst at school. It opens doors and allows your child to immerse themselves in all manner of books and other text in day to day life. Encouraging and supporting your child with reading at home makes an enormous difference to progress across the whole curriculum. In our class, we have a variety of strategies and incentives to encourage and reward reading at home. Some of these include a `Reading Race` and `Reading Royalty` crowns.

Here is just a taste of some of the topics we cover in our class. How exciting!

Seaside in the past

The Great Fire of London

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot


What is the phonic screening check?

The National phonic screening check is a statutory assessment that was introduced in 2012 to all year 1 pupils and is a quick

and easy check of your child’s phonic knowledge. It takes place each year during June.

What is in the phonic screening check?

It comprises of a list of 40 words and nonsense words. It will assess phonic skills and knowledge learnt through reception and

year 1. Your child will read 1-1 with a teacher. It will be your child’s current teacher so it is a familiar face. Your child will read

up to 4 words per page and they will probably do the check in 10-15 minutes. They will be asked to ‘sound out’ a word and blend sounds together. (The check is very similar to tasks the children already complete during phonics lessons.)

Reading Royalty

Reading is taken very seriously in our class. In addition to reading at school, reading at home has a huge impact on progress and I would ask that you read with your child at least 3 times per week. Children who read at home are then allowed to wear a `Reading Royalty` crown the following day. The children really love it!

Being on time...

I would just like to highlight the importance of being on time for school on a morning. Our learning begins straight away & by being late, children are missing vital information for the first session of the day.

All children need to be lined up by the bike shed at 8:50am.

We just love reading in Year 1/2!

When Resilient Reader came to visit...

This is Resilient Reader, he is a character that helps us when we're working on our reading and comprehension skills. We use the skills he promotes in 1:1 reading, guided reading groups and whole class comprehension lessons. We loved it when he came to visit us, he especially enjoyed moving our gingerbread men on our reading race board!