Reception Welcome - Miss Tallant and Miss Adams

Welcome to Reception. The class where all the foundations of learning begin.

In Reception we have Miss Tallant (EYFS Leader and Teacher), Miss Adams (Supply Teacher), Miss Pickering (EYFS Learning Support Assistant), Mrs Ward (EYFS Learning Support Assistant) and Miss Audsley (Special Needs Support Assistant).

Our EYFS Provision is judged as Outstanding by Ofsted in 2015. All of our staff have strong relationships with parents and carers and value the children's learning and experiences. We have high quality teaching which motivates and stimulates children's interests and enthusiasm. All of our children are eager to join in, learn how to find out things for themselves and select resources independently.

EYFS Setting of the Year- Shafton Primary

This half term the children are learning about the life cycles of chicks and butterflies. The children will also learn about farm animals and animals that live in the jungle. During this half term the children will have their very own chicks to look after and we also have a trip to Cannon Hall Farm coming up which all of the children are very excited for.

On Thursday 5th July the children helped Miss Tallant release our butterflies that had hatched out of their cocoons. The butterflies were very eager to fly away into the sunshine and explore.

On Wednesday 4th July the Reception children enjoyed their trip to Cannon Hall Farm. All of the children had a tour around the farm where they visited the different animals and also helped the farmer to feed them. We enjoyed watching a sheep race and exploring the farm. See the video below to see how our day went.


On Science Day the Reception children carried out lots of exciting experiments. The children added vinegar to bicarbonate soda to see how it reacted, added warm water to skittles and made boats out of junk modelling that had to be able to float in the water tray. The children also enjoyed making slime with our Scientist who visited school for the day.

Today the children finally got to meet our new class pet guinea pigs 'Bella' and 'Fizz'. They sat very quietly and patiently until it was their turn to meet them and stroke them. The children could hear them squeak and enjoyed learning about what food they like to eat. Bella and Fizz will be joining us every Friday until they get used to the noise of the classroom.