Welcome to Reception. The class where all the foundations of learning begin.

In Reception we have Miss Tallant (EYFS Lead and Teacher), Mrs Ward (EYFS Learning Support Assistant) and Miss Audsley (Special Needs Support Assistant).

Our EYFS Provision is judged as Outstanding by Ofsted in 2015. All of our staff have strong relationships with parents and carers and value the children's learning and experiences. We have high quality teaching which motivates and stimulates children's interests and enthusiasm. All of our children are eager to join in, learn how to find out things for themselves and select resources independently.

Welcome to all our new children and their families. We hope you have had a lovely Summer. This half term our topic is 'All about me'. During this half term the children will be learning about their bodies, feelings, senses and talk about their own families and homes. The Reception children will have PE every Wednesday afternoon so please ensure that they have a PE kit in school. The children will also have access to outdoor learning in all weathers, please ensure your child has a suitable coat and wellies in school.

Welcome to Early Years

Garden and Growth

In Reception this week the children have been he;ping Mrs Ward plant some new bulbs for our outside garden area. The children have been planting daffodils. the children took great care when handling the bulbs and ensured that they were well watered when they had been planted. We can not wait to watch them grow.

Spanish Day

Today has been Spanish Day in school. The children in Reception have been finding out where Spain is on Google Earth and on a map. The children have also been learning their colours in Spanish and colouring in a rainbow using the right colours. We have been watching some flamenco dancing and listening to Spanish music and colouring in the Spanish flag. All of the children have had great fun and enjoyed all of the activities.

Calling all Nature Detectives

Getting out into the crisp autumn air with your child and collecting lots of exciting treasures to share and explore with their friends at school - what could be better!

Autumn is a great time of year to head outside and see what things you can find. It is a wonderful season for discovering and a great way to have your child connect to their natural environment and recognise the significant changes that can come about from one season to the next. There are so many beautiful colours and exciting treasures to be found!

So find somewhere outdoors you can explore, it doesn't have to be a big nature reserve, although it can be if you want, a small part area, green space or even your garden can be great too.

At school children will be encouraged to share what they have found with their friends, opening up dialogue about their adventures and learning new vocab. We plan to build a huge collection of Autumnal loose parts that we can use for all kinds of exciting activities. And don't forget, you can post photos of your adventures on Early Essence.

We look forward to seeing the children's Autumn treasures on Monday 8th October

Safety Day

On Friday 21st September we held our Safety day throughout school. The children in Early Years focused their Safety Day on using equipment in the classroom safely. The children were shown a selection of objects such as glue sticks, scissors, pencils, felt tip pens, knife, forks and hole punches. We went around the circle and spoke about the hazards of each object and how to use it safely. We also discussed how to keep safe on the playground at play times and dinner times.

I can write my name

The children in Early Years have been trying really hard to write their names independently. We have set up lots of activities to promote name writing with the children. Please encourage your children to practice writing their names at home.

School is Fun

The children in Early Years have settled into school routines very well. We are making friends, exploring the classrooms and learning lots of new things.