Our attendance target is 96.5%

From September 2021, all children will be expected to attend school every day. Procedures to monitor and track this will return back to normal.

Our attendance policies are on the main policy page.

Parent guide to covid anxiety leaflet.pdf

It is really important that children attend school every single day. We are here to help if you have any problems getting your child to school on time, every day. School is not a choice. ALL children should be in school.

There are two members of staff who you can talk to.

Mrs A Silverwood who is our Parent and Child Support Specialist

Mrs S Fernley who is our attendance specialist

Each half term we have a prize giving assembly for all families where their child has 100% attendance that half term.

We have a special prize at the end of the year for all children who have 100% attendance for the whole year.

Alongside that, all our classes compete each week to get 100% attendance with lots of stickers and little prizes to motivate the children. Every classroom door has a balloon which shows the attendance for that class for that week. Will your class be the best?

Our attendance has improved hugely over the past 3 years and we are proud of the support our families give us in getting their children to school every single day!

In 2021 our whole school attendance was 96.4%. That's a fantastic achievement considering our difficult year!

Lets see how many children can reach that target for this year. Prizes for the whole family!

Revised Code Of Conduct

The code of conduct has been revised in September 2019 and the criteria for issuing fixed penalty notices has changed. Please read the new policy below. It is Barnsley Council document which we have adopted. The criteria to authorise absence during term time is very strict. If you have any questions about the new rules please call in to speak to Mrs Silverwood. There are some useful documents below.

Revised Code of Conduct September 2019