Pupil Premium

Please see below for information regarding Pupil Premium.

At Shafton Primary Academy we receive additional funding to spend in a way we think will best support raising the attainment for our most vulnerable pupils. This money is called our Pupil Premium. It is calculated on the number of children in our school who are eligible for free school meals, any children who are looked after in care and any children from our Armed Forces families.

The government see children who claim free school meals as more vulnerable than others, and they are keen to track their academic progress very carefully.

Our school performance data is split into different groups so that we can track progress and ensure our Pupil Premium children achieve just as well as everyone else. We don't want to see any gaps between any groups of pupils.

Great academic success depends on great attendance. We want to make sure that all our children attend school every day and on time. We have extra adults on our doors to meet and greet our children with friendly smiles so that children make a positive start to their learning and really enjoy arriving at school. We offer support and signposting to families who may be struggling to meet our high attendance targets.

Our governors and the head teacher work closely together to ensure that we use our funding to offer opportunities and experiences to support these children. Our named governor for Pupil Premium spending is Mrs Rachel Ward and you are free to contact her at any time to discuss Pupil Premium.

We spend our money wisely, ensuring that our most vulnerable pupils enjoy and access the rich and broad curriculum we offer.

Our Rationale for Pupil Premium spending

Pupil Premium funding is most effective when spent on quality first teaching.

We have a small gap with the attendance of PP children and the work of the EWO team is supporting us to diminish this difference. Therefore we will continue with these efforts this year.

Outcomes for disadvantaged children have improved significantly across all subjects over the past 3 years and it is the quality first teaching which has accounted for this. We have seen significant gains in parental engagement which, longer term, will impact further on standards of attainment and progress for vulnerable groups.

The strategic lead for PP spending is Miss Danielle Tallant together with the head teacher. All staff know their PP children very well and each class has a data file which includes venn diagrams showing cross overs with PP/EAL/SEND.

Here is our Pupil Premium spending plan for 2018-2019

Pupil Premium plan 2018-19

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Here is our Pupil Premium Policy

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