Charging and Remissions Policy


The purpose of the policy is to ensure that, during the school day, all children have full and free access to a broad and balanced curriculum. The school day is defined as 8.50am to 12.15pm and 1.10pm to 3.15pm.


The policy has been informed by ‘A Guide to the Law for School Governors’.


The policy compliments the Equal Opportunities, Curriculum and Finance policies.


The Principal will ensure that:

During the school day All activities that are a necessary part of the National Curriculum plus Religious Education are provided free of charge. This includes any materials, equipment and transport to take pupils between the school and the activity. It excludes charges made for teaching an individual pupil or groups of pupils to play a musical instrument.

Voluntary contributions may be sought for activities during the school day which entail additional costs, for example swimming tuition and visits to places of interest linked with the curriculum studies.

Optional activities outside the school day The school will charge for all optional extra activities outside of the school day. Such activities are not part of the National Curriculum or Religious Education, nor are part of any examination syllabus.

Residential Visits The school will charge for these trips as they are an extra-curricular activity and do not fall within the National Curriculum. The school will advise parents of the cost of these optional trips and parents must then indicate in writing if they wish their child(ren) to participate.


When charges are made for any activity, whether during or outside of the school day, they will be based on the actual costs incurred, divided by the total number of pupils participating. There will be no levy on those who can pay to support those who cannot. Support for cases of hardship will be considered by the Princiapl and / or trip organiser on and individual basis. The principles of best value will be applied when planning activities that incur costs to the school and / or charges to the parents.


The Finance & Premises Committee may at any time review the school financial records regarding income and expenditure on any activity where a charge has been made to parents.