Academy Responsibilities

What are we trying to achieve for our school?

• We aim to deliver the National Curriculum to all our students in a way that is effective and inspirational. They need to have a firm foundation in literacy and numeracy.

• We aim to use teaching methods that make learning a positive and memorable experience.

• We aim to encourage students to achieve at their highest level and view the role of the teacher as that of a facilitator who diagnoses, models, ‘scaffolds’ and leads.

• We want our classrooms to be safe, predictable, informative and exciting. We want our school to reflect the most positive values of our community.

• We want to continue to build a strong collegial staff which is thoroughly professional but enjoy life as well

What methods of Teaching will we use?

1 Our crowded curriculum means we have to integrate our studies; this allows us to teach subjects discreetly through a Topic as well as focus on skills teaching from several curriculum areas.

2 Children are ability grouped in numeracy and literacy and in KS2 we may use cross class groupings in order to cater for children’s individual needs.

3 Whenever possible and practical, we will aim to provide our pupils with direct or ‘real life’ experiences to support their learning.

4 We utilise evaluation and teacher observation to regularly reflect and provide written and oral feedback that promotes learning.

5 We will maintain pro-active and positive lines of communication with the parents of children in our classes for the benefit of the child.