About Us

Academy Ethos, Aims and Values

At Severn View Primary Academy we believe passionately about education and learning. Whilst aiming to ‘Grow Brilliant Learners for a Bright Future’ and in striving to make our best better, our focus is also on how best to prepare our children to thrive in life.

For our children to be able to thrive in a global world environment… where technology and change are the norm; where many existing jobs will be out-sourced overseas or completed through new technology; where Asia, particularly China, is the dominant economic power in the world; where many of the best jobs in the future currently don’t exist in 2013; where knowledge is readily available at a swipe of a screen and quickly becomes outdated by new knowledge… we believe our children need a specific set of skills, attributes and attitudes.

It is widely agreed in the education sector that the 20th century model of education does not meet the needs of our 21st century learners. Our primary purpose at Severn View Academy is to ensure children can competently communicate, read, write and handle mathematical problems. However in addition to these essential skills, we believe our children also need to be self-motivated, resilient, reflective and adaptable. They need the skills to collaborate, to think creatively and be able to innovate. They need to be multi skilled problem solvers.

As a staff we see ourselves as pedagogues and reflective learners too; we explore and evaluate global research, choosing effective strategies to improve our teaching and children’s learning. We challenge ourselves as learners to ensure we deliver high quality learning experiences in order to prepare our pupils for their bright futures as able and productive citizens.