World Week 2019

Monday 8 - Friday 12 July 2019

World Week is Richmond Park Academy's unique enrichment week. All students are off time-table for the week and are able to choose from a wide-ranging collection of enrichment activities to feed their own personal enthusiasms. Sessions vary from the sporting and creative to the vocational and social. The common thread that binds them all together is that they are created and delivered to enrich the curriculum and ensure that all of our students end the year with their understanding of the world around them developed to the next level. Students from Year 7 to Year 10 can choose from the following exciting 2019 options.

Remember, speak to us about any funding queries.

What next?

We need the top 3 choices from students by Friday 22 March. Students should:

  1. Review the options with their friends and family
  2. Discuss the costs with their parents/ guardians
  3. Complete the form and submit it as soon as possible
  4. Once offers are made after Easter and first payments are made, deposits aren't refundable or transferable. So, please give your choices thoughtful consideration!

The 2019 Programme

Cultural Capital

An inspiring blend of theatre, art, film and the literacy sites of London. This will be a varied and thought provoking week with different experiences every day.

Cost: £50 Week leader: Ms Durling

Cultural visit to France

Visit the “Gîte de la Colmont”, an education language and activity centre situated in Mayenne, Southern Normandy, France. During the residential students will have an opportunity to experience the history, culture and language of this historic region, including Mont St Michel, St Malo and Disneyland Paris. As well as this there will be a talent show; French fancy dress and quiz night; and a disco, with prizes awarded for the best costume and talent show act.

Cost: £500 Week Leader: Ms Schmitt

Cultural visit to Hamburg

This trip offers an excellent opportunity to students to visit the historical city of Hamburg in Germany, to gain cultural insight to one of the largest countries in Europe. We will be visiting the famed Fischmarkt, Chocoversum Museum, Hamburg Dungeons, St. Michaelis Church and Heide Park Resort.

Cost: £500 Week Leaders: Mr Frend and Ms Smith

Museum Week

Museum Week is an eye-opening, awe-inspiring, thought-provoking sojourn to several of London’s finest museum. We will travel from and return to Barnes Station and visit two museums each day, and between each museum we will have a picnic in a park. Last year’s most popular museums were the Natural History, Science, London, Imperial War, British and the National Gallery. Even better, there is no cost for the trips but students should bring a coat and a packed lunch.

Cost: FREE Trip Leader: Mr Trace

Berlin History Trip

History trip to Berlin designed to support students to deepen and extend their knowledge for Paper 3 on Germany and also half of paper 2 on the Cold War. We will visit some key landmarks around Berlin including the Berlin Wall, a concentration camp and the Olympic stadium. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience German culture in a world renowned capital city.

Cost: £480 Trip Leader: Mr Doy

Mr Castle's visit to Washington DC

An unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience visiting the museums, historical landmarks, memorials and eclectic neighbourhoods of Washington DC. This will be a joint history, geography and politics visit and during the 5 day visit we will aim to visit the following sites:

Capitol Visitor Center , Dr Martin Luther King Jr National Memorial, George Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial, National Museum of the American Indian Washington, National World War II Memorial, Newseum, Smithsonians National Zoological Park, Supreme Court, US Holocaust Memorial Museum

All meals and museum museum entrance fees will be included. Only 30 students will be allowed to participate so strictly first come first served basis.

Cost: £950 Week Leaders: Mr Mundy-Castle & Ms Busby

Scientific London

Scientific London - Join us for a weeks tour of London exploring the science of our capital. We plan to visit a range of places including (but not limited to) bodyworld, the Royal Veterinary College, the Transport for London Museum, some of our best universities, a farm and the Big Bang Fair.

Cost: £35 Trip Leaders: Ms El Damanawi and Ms Pritchard

FIFA League Team Championship

Football Camp- A week long football camp working on developing football specific fitness, skills and match play. Players will be able to put these skills into practice in the camp league with prizes and medals for the winning team alongside individual awards for the 'player of the week' and the 'Golden Boot.' Players will also enjoy a trip to Thorpe Park on the Friday.

Cost: £40 Week Leaders: Mr Myton & Mr Clifford

Basketball Camp

Basketball Camp- This camp will focus on developing the fundamental skills of basketball including ball handling, shooting, passing and individual defence. These skills will be developed in stations working alongside players of a similar ability. Players will then have the chance to demonstrate these skills in a camp league with prizes being awarded for the winning team alongside individual accolades such as the camps 'Most Valuable Player' and 'Rising star.' Players will also enjoy a trip to Thorpe Park on the Friday.

Cost: £40 Week Leader: Mr Martin

Isle of Wight - Year 7 residential

All Year 7s are invited to Kingswood Adventure camp during World Week. They will enjoy outdoor activities and have fun as a team. This session is now closed. If you are booked on it please choose it as your first choice on the booking form. Please note that Year 7s who aren't booked for this option are not eligible for any of the other overseas trips this year.

Cost: £430 Week Leader: Mr Chan

Maths Key Stage 3 Bootcamp

If you think you need to enhance your maths skills then this is the World Week activity for you! You will have 4 days of activities designed to help hone your maths skills and then finish the week with a fun day at Thorpe Park.

Cost: £20

English Key Stage 3 Bootcamp

You need to pass your GCSE and we have just the thing to give you a head start. If you think four days of concentrated English tuition will help you succeed, we have the time and the teachers to help you. There is lots of fun to be had at Thorpe Park on day 5 so sign up now.

Cost: £20

Science Key Stage 3 Bootcamp

Does your science understanding need a bit of attention? Our week long bootcamp will consolidate what you know and move you on to the next level. There is a fun, Thorpe Park Friday to look forward to too!

Cost: £20

Creative World Week

A week of fun and creative activities which will be based around: 2 days in the Art and Textiles area making large sculptures for display; 1 day of cooking making some delicious delights; 1 day of gardening in our school garden and 1 day in the workshop designing and making a craft item.

Cost: £25 Week Leader: Ms Alexis

STEM World Week

A week of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) where students will have the opportunity to code with developers & problem solve in science.

Cost: £120 Week Leader: Mr Ababio

Drama Performance Week

Do you love to act? If so, this is the activity week for you. A week of watching performances, taking part in workshops and performing to an audience!

Cost: £100 Week Leader: Mr Walker

Music Performance Week

Do you love to perform as a vocalist or instrumentalist? If so, this is the activity week for you. A week of watching performances, taking part in workshops and performing to an audience!

Cost: £100 Week Leader: Mrs Wardlaw

Maths in Paris

This is a fantastic 5 day trip to Paris including trips to the Academie de Science, The Maths balcony and Le Louvre museum.

Cost: £375 Trip Leader: Mr Whitehead

Charity Workshop - making a local difference

An opportunity to work with and learn about two of our local charities - School Food matters and Missing People. Students will enjoy a programme of charity activities including working in the field and creating a programme to fundraise. A fantastic vocational opportunity that will add value to any CV.

Cost: £20 Week Leaders: Mr Martin and Ms Colt

Geography exploration

A week of exploring in the capital looking at a range of places including the WWT Wetlands centre, Richmond Park, the Olympic Park and Kew gardens.

Cost: £30 Week Leaders: Ms Judd and Ms Croft

RPA Wellness retreat - mind and body

A week of activities to strengthen and rejuvenate body, mind and soul. Activities include yoga, healthy eating, mindfulness, skin care & more.

Cost: £20 Week Leader: Ms Blease