Keeping ahead in

Year 11

All years at Richmond Park Academy are important but it is Year 11 where all of that learning gets consolidated and then tested. This Year 11 page is a resource page to help students to deliver their best results. It includes details on our two pre- public exam sessions, our extended learning plan, reading lists and revision guides. If students take advantage of the help and advice on offer they will have the very best chance of securing the results they deserve in August.

if you missed the curriculum evening on September 12 you can review it here. Otherwise, read on!

Revision Topics for GCSE

You can review the revision topics for the PPE1 round of examinations by opening the document below. Review the subjects and prioritise your revision using the RAG technique. You can also download a PDF of the document here.

Year 11 topic lists - PPE exams
Year 11 Curriculum Evening piece - DARK GREEN.pdf

Keeping ahead in Year 11

Our Keeping Ahead in Year 11 piece summarises the key points for the year including key dates and the extended learning plan. Click on the square icon in the top right hand corner of the image to the left to download it as a PDF.

Extended Learning Plan 2019 - Y11.pdf

Extended learning and targeted interventions

Extended learning and targeted interventions take place for our students throughout their school life as we support their ongoing learning. In Year 11 students have a bespoke programme of activities which include intervention during tutor time, subject-specific intervention during P7 (3pm - 4pm) on a weekly basis plus Saturday School and Holiday Masterclasses. The full programme is shown to the left. Click to download as a PDF. Details on the holiday masterclasses will be shared in due course.

Yr 11 T-Table PPE exams Nov 2019 - Draft - correct logo.docx

Pre Public Exams (PPEs)

We have two series of PPEs, one in November and the other in February. They should be treated like the real GCSEs. Students should revise for them and use the results to help identify areas for improvement. In some cases, the results of the PPEs will impact on whether a student is entered for a Higher or Foundation GCSE paper. It is important that students give them their full attention; it will definitely make their GCSE experience easier! The full timetable for the first PPEs is shown to the left.

Revision strategies & timetables

Within the folder are two revision timetable templates. Choose the one that feels more helpful and use it to schedule revision. Remember, don't just revise the topics that you are good at! Use the RAG (Red, Amber, Green) technique to help you to prioritise.

Reading & revision list

Richmond Park Academy teachers have compiled a revision and reading list. Take a look below to make sure that you have the resources you need. Use the scrollbar to move the sheet.

Year 11 Revision Books by subject
Applications to college Y11 Assembly Autumn Term 2018

Applying to college

Ms Pritchard delivered a presentation to our Year 11s to advise them on managing their applications for post 16 education or apprenticeships. you can view the presentation to the left.