Extracurricular Activities

We encourage all students, especially in Key Stage 3, to participate in extracurricular activities. There are over 60 different sessions across the school from football, rugby and basketball through to art, textiles and orchestra. If you have any queries regarding a particular club please contact the staff member in charge. You can find contact details on the staff list page.

You can choose a day to view by selecting them at the bottom of the spreadsheet. For Years 7-10 it is compulsory to do two extracurricular activities per week; your child's tutor will assist in booking the sessions that they want. Year 11, 12 and 13 can participate in all clubs. However, for Year 11 their period 7 (3pm - 4 pm) extended learning plan will take priority.

New sessions for summer include tennis, athletics and maths challenge club. All new sessions are highlighted in green.

All students should have an extracurricular form stapled into the back of their planner. When they complete a session they should ask the club organiser to sign their planner for them. Tutors will then be able to see how many sessions they have done and reward them accordingly. You can download the form by clicking on the image.

Extracurricular Timetable - Summer One