Career, Work Related Learning and Enterprise is essential in preparing students for their development and transition into adult life. It links learning to the world of work and equips young people with the knowledge, skills and personal attributes required to succeed.

The Careers Team

Ms Johal is our senior Careers Leader, and Miss Pritchard is our Level 6 qualified Careers Adviser. Both can be contacted on 020 8876 8891

Careers Programme

Our students careers learning is based upon the eight Gatsby Benchmarks. It is founded on a stable programme of careers education. Students gain access to independent careers and labour market information, with multiple opportunities to discover information relevant to them individually, as well as group guidance and one-to-one guidance sessions with our L6 qualified careers adviser. Our teachers often relate their lessons to careers, so students understand how school is relevant to the wider world. Students meet employers and working professionals through visiting speakers, experiences of the workplace, and visits to local universities, through subject lessons, trips, and specific careers events.

KEY STAGE 3: Beginning in Year 7, all students have a programme of Careers Education delivered through the tutor programme. Year 8 students are given direct access to impartial information and advice, and in Year 9 every student will have a face-to-face meeting with a careers adviser as well as the chance to make informed choices about their option subjects. They will have the opportunity to visit a local university.

KEY STAGE 4: During Year 10 students focus on work-related learning and take part in workshops such as careers matching tests, mock interviews, public speaking and the chance to experience a workplace. Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to attend careers fairs as well as access to a Level 6 qualified careers adviser for a face-to-face interview about their choices. Year 11 students have support in making applications to colleges, 6th forms and apprenticeships.

KEY STAGE 5: During 6th form students have numerous chances to research their careers, have face-to-face guidance with a Level 6 qualified careers adviser and take part in work experience as well as having numerous opportunities to hear from employers and speakers. There is a full support structure in place for making visits to and applications for university, apprenticeships or employment.

Contact Miss Pritchard for further details about the careers programme.

Welcoming professionals and education providers

If you are an employer, education provider or other professional interested in engaging with our students to inform them about their future career choices, please contact P Johal or Miss Pritchard to arrange. You can find an overview of activities which take place for each year group in our Provider Access Policy.

Examples of professionals who have engaged with our students are: Authors, Chefs, Chief Marketing Officers, Dancers, Designers, Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Journalists, Nurses, Sportsmen, and more.

Work Related Learning Courses

Our academy employability suite built by BeReady has modules for students to learn the skills they will need for the workplace. The site offers microlearning courses such as; resilience, leadership, personal branding, job hunting and more.

Experiences of the workplace

During Year 10 and Year 12, students will have the opportunity to gain experiences of the workplace, organised by our WRL Coordinator.

Students can additionally use Net2Work or Workfinder to connect with employers, as well as websites such as InvestIn who offer immersive experiences - usually outside term time - for competitive and difficult to access industries.

Year 10 Virtual Work Experience 2021

Year 10 can make choices for their virtual work experience for 2021 using this form

Hearing from Employers and Employees

There are numerous fantastic sources to hear from people in the workplace about the way they work, how they got into their career and tips for others. You can use sources such as: -

Unifrog Insights which includes recordings as well as upcoming events

Speakers for Schools Broadcast Video Library

Changing Education Sector Spotlight Sessions