Year Group Communities

Encouraging positive parent participation in our school community is an important part of our school ethos. As part of that approach, and after feedback from parents, we are introducing the RPA Year Group Communities scheme which will follow a similar model to the class representatives that many parents have experienced at their primary schools. We are inviting all parents to join their Year Group Community and take the opportunity to engage with other parents and the school throughout the school year. Data protection demands that we get your specific permission to share your contact details for this purpose. Please fill out the form below to join your year group.

You will also notice that there is a field to indicate whether you would be happy to be a Year Representative. Please be brave! The more we get to volunteer to share that role the easier it will be! You can see the simple guidelines for the Year Group Communities here.

You can opt out of communications from your Year Group Community at any time by completing this form.