Year 7 - settling in

Welcome from Ms Smith, Head of Year 7 Transition

I would like to formally welcome myself as the designated member of staff overseeing Year 7 and their transition from primary to secondary.

How to get in touch

Please continue to use the email. Information will then be filtered down to me and I can pass on/ deal with any issues.

Monitoring attendance

Attendance is extremely important. It has a direct impact on how well students do at school so we have extremely rigorous standard. The school expectation is no lower that 97% attendance. If any students start to fall below 95%, myself and the attendance officer will be monitoring and putting in a support plan.

Please use the email address to report any absences.

We want to create students that are resilient and aren’t afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. We want every child to be proud of what makes them unique and we want those differences to be celebrated by their peers throughout their time here. I look forward to working with all parents and students and seeing this Year 7 group develop over the coming years.

For the diary

We keep the school diary up to date at Richmond Park Academy and share it on our What’s On Page. Please review the diary when you have questions about an event or let us know if you see any inconsistencies. We do our very best to keep things up to date and accurate but with such a lot happening in school some things can slip through the net!

Keeping in touch

The two main email addresses to keep on your contacts list are:

All attendance related queries or information should be sent here. Please do not cc the parents@ email address on an attendance issue.

All student specific queries should be sent to this email address. Please indicate the child’s full name and tutor group. If it is regarding a specific subject, please indicate the subject teacher.

Our objective with using these two emails is to ensure that we are able to direct queries to the most appropriate person to answer your query and that we reduce the number of emails that our teachers have to manage. We want them to be focused on teaching our students as much as possible. We are grateful for your support on this.

Letters to Parents

When we sent letters out to parents we add a copy to the Letters to Parents page on this website. The letters that are shared there tend to be the all-school ones. If you are trying to find a copy of a letter that hasn’t been filed there please contact the parents@ email address.

Making Payments

The payment system that we use in school is called ParentPay and it can be accessed at Richmond Park Academy is a cashless school so all funds need to be uploaded to ParentPay in order to pay for lunches, some clubs or other activities. All parents should have received a ParentPay letter with login details. If you haven’t, please complete our short form so that we can share with the IT department.

Please note that on occasion, the link between ParentPay and the Oak Tree Cafe can experience temporary difficulties. We will never refuse to serve a child so parents should be reassured that their children will always be fed while the issue is being resolved.

However, we would ask that all parents ensure that their accounts remain in credit at all times and are always settled by the end of each term. Unfortunately, we simply do not have the funds to subsidise accounts across the school.

Managing homework

Richmond Park Academy uses a platform called Show My Homework. Parents will receive login details to access a bespoke homework dashboard for their child.

If you are having difficulty, homework can still be accessed via the Show My Homework main portal on the RPA website. Students will need to search by year and subject.

Please support your children to complete and deliver every piece of homework that they are asked to do. It will have a positive impact on their progress.

Pencil case check

Students should come to school with the following equipment:

Blue pens, Black pens, Red pen, Green pen, Pencil, Ruler, Rubber, Protractor, Set square, Compass, Calculator (scientific), Highlighters and a glue stick.

It is also worth mentioning that students no longer receive a school planner. You may want to consider purchasing an academic year diary or a notebook.

RPA - Behaviour - 02 - Behaviour Ladder and Process Outline

Understanding the behaviour policy

You can review the behaviour policy on this website. The behaviour ladder can be viewed to the left. Behaviour refers to both positive and negative activity. We give out achievement points for good behaviour as well as using a whole range of strategies to ensure that our students are focused in class and do not negatively impact on their peers. Sanctions start from 15-minute detentions. The vast majority of our students are consistently well behaved and we will continue to reward and encourage them for that. Inappropriate or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated in any way.


As part of our drive to encourage a broad educational experience, students must attend a minimum of 2 extracurricular clubs per week. Students are given a record sheet for which they are responsible. They then give this to the member of staff running the club to sign. It is recommended that any appointments are to be made outside of their club choices as this is not an excuse not to come to a club. Clubs will change termly and students will re-sign up to clubs in January. Achievement points will be allocated to those students who show commitment to the enrichment opportunities made available to them.

You can view the extracurricular activities and download a replacement record sheet on the extracurricular page of this website.

Getting in touch with other parents

Secondary school is a very different experience for parents as well as students. Parents don't meet at the school gate so it is more challenging to create friendship groups with other parents. Richmond Park Academy has created out Year Group Communities to offer an environment for parents to meet, share experiences and join in the school events as a group. To join the Year 7 Year Group Community, please fill in the short form and encourage your existing RPA friends to do the same. We will then share the group before half term so that you can all get in touch!