Mathematics at Richmond Park Academy is an exciting and engaging subject. Students are encouraged to see mathematics as more than an ability to do arithmetic. We aim to develop students’ confidence and competence with numbers and measures as well as the understanding of the ways in which data are gathered by counting and measuring.

Poor numeracy skills hold back students’ progress and can lower their self-esteem. We expect all our students to develop proficiency not only in mathematics but in other subjects by opening their minds while using and applying mathematics with well chosen mathematical activities.

Lessons with thorough explanations, demonstrations and illustrations enable students to make connections which help them to make sense of the subject, avoid misconceptions, and retain what they learn. We use to enhance mathematics teaching and to set homework.


Mr A Ahmed - Subject Leader

Mr M Abu

Ms E Adeyemi

Mr A Ghebremariam

Ms K Graham

Mr M Wallace

Mr S Blake

Mr R Palmer

Key Stage 4

Students follow either the Higher, Foundation course leading to the GCSE examination.

The department uses the Edexcel examination board.

Grades available at the Higher tier: 9

Grades available at the Foundation tier: 5

GCSE statistics course will be offered to students in Year 10.

Students at Key Stage 4 have four one-hour lessons a week and will receive at least one hour of homework every week. The students are regularly assessed through practice GSCE questions and mock papers.

Year 11 students complete PPEs in November and again in March in preparation for their final GCSE exams.

Information regarding GCSE Mathematics reforms from September 2015

Students in Year 11 are the first to follow the new scheme of work and sit the new style exams this summer (2017). The below outlines the key changes:

Course overview - in brief

Course changes – in detail

Course specification – in detail

Information regarding changes to content, and assessment grading

Changes to GCSE maths:

  • The volume of subject content has increased. You may need more time to teach it.

  • The demand of that content is increasing too, with harder topics being introduced. This is true for both your Foundation Tier students and Higher Tier students.

  • The total time for the examinations is increasing, from 3½ hours to 4½ hours. All exams will be sat at the end of the course.

  • There are fewer marks at the lower grades and more marks at the higher grades at both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier.

  • A new grading structure is being introduced, from grade 9 to 1, to replace the familiar A* to G grading scale.

  • In the assessments, there’s a greater emphasis on problem solving and mathematical reasoning, with more marks now being allocated to these higher-order skills.

  • Students will be required to memorise formulae - fewer formulae will be provided in examinations. Together these changes are designed to help students emerge from GCSE maths with a level of confidence and fluency that will provide a genuine foundation for the rest of their learning and working lives.

  • Grading changes from A*- G, to 9 - 1.