English Headlines

At Richmond Park Academy we recognise that English and literacy skills underpin success across the curriculum. This is also reflected in the league tables and the double weighting of GCSEs in English and literature.

Speaking and listening is a central part of English. Student-talk to aid thinking, share understanding, or as part of planning and writing is encouraged.

We aim to foster a culture of reading in the broadest sense. The Accelerated Reading Scheme at Key Stage 3 (KS3) is led by the English department. Its aim is to promote reading of appropriate material for all students and track progress or reading age at regular intervals.

There are nine full-time English teachers in the department.. Mr Potopov, Ms Durling and Ms Jacka teach Literature A level Post 16 English.

Our English is timetabled for four lessons a week at both Key Stage 3 and 4.

Students in Year 7 to 10 are taught in mixed ability classes. The schemes of work are the same for all students, but differentiated to meet the needs of the ability range in each class. Year 11 is currently set to maintain continuity from last year's set year 10 groups for GCSE.

At GCSE level all students do two GCSEs; English language and literature, regardless of ability. The papers are not tiered.

Our current GCSE groups follow the AQA board. They will eventually sit four terminal exam papers; two in language and two in literature.

AS and A2 Literature are now on offer at Post 16 and our first students.. We follow the AQA Lit B course at this level.

We extend our passion for talk, reading and writing in an extracurricular capacity. Comedy Club, Creative Writing, Debating, Reading support and workshops to hone particular skills are on offer beyond lessons. We also invite certain students to Saturday school for extra support with exam preparation.