Assessment Information

For students in Year 11 beginning their GCSEs in 2016, to take in 2018, most subjects will be judged on a scale of 1-9, where 9, at the top, will be awarded to the top 2% in the country, and 5 will be the expected ‘strong’ GCSE grade. Psychology, business studies and technology products subjects will continue to be judged on the A*-G scale. Subject targets will reflect the GCSE grading system.

For students in other years, beginning their GCSEs after 2017 and for examination after 2018 all subjects will follow the 1-9 grading system.

In addition to this new numerical GCSE system, the government will also judge schools against a number of measures including Attainment 8 and Progress 8 which are the attainment and progress made in the student’s best eight subjects at GCSE against the starting point of Year 6 test results - whatever these may be. Targets for all year groups will be set to ensure a positive Progress 8 score.

RPA staff are aligning their curricula with the new GCSE 1-9 assessment levels and these levels will be reported on at each assessment point. A +/- system is used to indicate how secure the level awarded is. A- indicates that the achieved level is insecure, A+ indicates that the student has almost achieved the marks required for the next level. No + or – indicates a secure level.

Data will be captured at the following points and reported to families:

  • Half termly for Years 10, 11, 12 and 13
  • Termly for Years 7, 8 and 9

We are working towards enabling parents to have their own direct log-in to access a student's report at key points during the year.

GCSE Timeline

Parents and carers will be aware that a plethora of changes to assessment at GCSE and AS and A Level are now upon us. Click on the link below to see the grid to see how these changes will affect your child. Current Year 7 students will be subject to all the changes listed.

GCSE Timeline