Learning & Teaching

Teaching and Learning is the core activity of all that is important to us at Richmond Park Academy. We constantly aim for our lessons to exceed our own teaching and learning expectations so that our students can make exceptional progress. We ensure lessons are interesting, challenging and enjoyable, where the topics are taught in a lively and relevant way and where creativity and inspiration are encouraged.

Teaching is led by James Cook, Vice Principal. The quality of teaching and learning is monitored and staff training is arranged where appropriate. Support staff and teachers have access to high-quality professional development, this is both in house and externally run, and each year staff identify new areas of their practice to develop.

In the last Ofsted inspection (October 2017) we were praised for having teachers that 'plan well-structured lessons which mostly respond to the needs of pupils. They use their good subject knowledge to secure pupils’ enthusiasm for learning, which supports the very effective dialogue between teachers and pupils.’ Teaching was described as ‘good across all year groups and subjects. The constructive relationship between teachers and pupils contributes positively to a learning environment where pupils are confident in asking questions to deepen their understanding.’

All our teachers in the 6th form teach excellent lessons and many have been chosen to do so because of their skills in enabling students to achieve the highest of grades. This year our in house CPD programme includes six twilight INSETs. This has given staff the opportunity to guide their own professional development. All teaching staff will be placed on a ‘CPD pathway’, including Middle leadership and Senior leadership development programmes. A plethora of webinars and centralised sessions run by AET are on offer to enhance staff training needs. We are a part of the Richmond Teaching School Alliance, we work closely on teaching initiatives and training with our sponsor, the AET, and are a key recipient of teaching trainees with a number of universities, all graded outstanding for their teaching provision.