The Governing Board

The overarching responsibility for Governance of the academy lies with the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) Board of Trustees.

Follow these links for: the Governance Framework of the Trust, the Articles of Association, Master Funding Agreement and each academy Supplemental Funding Agreement.

Details on the members of the governing board are below.

If you would like access to the academy's governing board meeting minutes, you may request a copy from the Clerk to the governing board.

Richmond Park Academy - Governing Board Composition and Key Information

Richmond Park Academy also has a Parent & Community Advisory Board (PCAB)

The PCAB has three clear objectives:

  • Community – a school does not exist independently of its community of local residents. The PCAB will act as a link between the two, ensuring that children benefit from local opportunities for learning, development and employment.

  • Concerns – No school gets everything right, all the time, and a good school thrives on clear channels of feedback. The PCAB is an independent point of contact for stakeholders to express their concerns and will help people find the appropriate processes and channels to communicate their concerns or complaints. Where trends emerge, the PCAB will help the Principal and the Governing Board to find solutions. PCAB members may also support panel hearings where appropriate.

  • Celebration - championing the strengths and achievements of the academy, recognising that success breeds success and that it is in everyone’s interests to promote the reputation of the academy and its pupils.

The PCAB meeting once every half term and reports to the Governing Board on a termly basis.

Getting in contact

Whenever there is a query, concern or complaint there is a very clear procedure to follow in order to get the most relevant and timely response. You can see the policy in detail in the RPA Policies Library. The main process is outlined in bullet point 5.

Most concerns or queries can be answered and resolved in school as follows. In the first instance:

  1. Please email Your email will be escalated to the appropriate member of the Senior Leadership Team.

  2. If that conversation does not answer the question or resolve the grievance please re-contact us and the Headteacher will review.

  3. If the issue remains unresolved it will be referred to a member of the Senior Leadership Team and ultimately the Principal

  4. If the matter remains unresolved contact the Management Board.

  5. We love to receive positive feedback too! So, please let us know when you have a had a particularly good experience.

You ca contact us at