The Plumberow Science Policy can be viewed here

We aim to help children understand that Science is a special way of Investigating themselves and the ways in which the physical world around them works. In order that we may succeed in our aims, children are taught skills such as fair testing and observation. The teaching of Science in the National Curriculum is organised into four separate areas, called attainment targets:

  • scientific investigation;
  • life and living process;
  • materials and their properties;
  • physical processes.
Science Day Greensward

Science Day 2018 - Greensward

We took a group of 12 pupils from Years 3 & 4 to Greensward today for a Science Challenge Day. We spent the day as Forensic Scientists and explored flame tests with bunsen burners, chromatography and finger prints. We also signed our names in alkaline and acid. The pupils worked in teams to be detectives and they collected evidence to find out who was guilty in the chocolate mystery. At the end of the day, they had to present their evidence to the rest of their group. You can view our slideshow by clicking the image to the left.

Science Day at Greensward!

A group of Plumberow pupils from Years 3&4 joined pupils from Ashingdon, Hockley and Westerings at a Science Day hosted by Greensward Academy!

They had a fantastic day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the activities which included using a microscope to study plant and animal cells, carrying out a test to decide which solutions were acid and which were alkali, some chromatography, which involved colouring a pattern on filter paper and seeing how the colours separated and then, using electrical circuits, they looked at the relationship between voltage and current!!

A busy day!

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