The Plumberow Maths policy can be viewed here!

Our aims in teaching Mathematics are that all children will:

  • enjoy the subject and study it with confidence and a sense of achievement;
  • achieve a high standard in Numeracy and a range of other mathematical skills;
  • apply these skills with confidence and understanding when solving problems.

Maths Challenge Days!

Plumberow Pupils have been taking part in some maths challenges! As part of Maths Challenge Week, children took part in the Spaghetti Tower Challenge ( In groups, children had a specified amount of Spaghetti, some large and some s small marshmallows. They then needed to build the highest and most creative tower!) They have also been totaling different combinations of numbers using 'Digit Flips' and completing a Plumberow (World) Cup Challenge! Click on the images below to view more photos!

Year 1 - Miss B Jones/Mrs Cross' Class!

Year 1 - Mrs Myall's Class!

Year 2 - Mrs Bolton's Class! (more photos added)

Year 2 - Mrs Pomroy's Class!

Year 3 - Mr Buckle's Class!

Year 4 - Mrs Bailey's Class!

Year 4 - Mrs Dickerson's Class!

Year5 - Miss Jones' Class!

Year 5 - Mrs Carr's Class!

Year 5 - Mrs Roberts' Class