Tennis Tournament 2018!

Pupils from Plumberow attended a Tennis Tournament at Hockley Tennis club along with Hockley, Grove Wood, Westerings and Edward Francis. We took four year 3s - two girls & two boys, two year 4s - one girl & one boy and two year 6s - one girl & one boy. The courts were made smaller to suit year groups. Each player played four matches in a points system, 1 to 7.

Each match was won by the player who reached 7 first, but if having lost, it was important to get scores on the board as they counted for whole team. So if a player lost 7v6, then 6 points were scored.

There was some really good tennis played throughout the day, and all the children from each school enjoyed a very well organised tournament.

Final Results

1st Grove Academy 220 points

2nd Westerings Academy 197

3rd Hockley Primary 187

4th Plumberow Academy 145

5th Edward Francis 133

A great experience for all the children!

(level 2 - inter)

(report by Mr Toovey)

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