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Castle Point Hockey Tournament

On Tuesday, January 8th, I took 10 children to Clements Hall to play in the Castle Point Hockey Tournament. Including ourselves, there were 6 schools taking part. The games were played in a round robin format, with the winner of the competition going on, at a later date, to play in the county finals. The games were 8 minutes long (4 minutes each half), with no goalkeepers, and the rule that they could only score from within the box..

The results were as follows:

Plumberow 3v0 North Crescent

Wyburns 0v5 Plumberow

Grovewood 2v2 Plumberow

Hockley 4v0 Plumberow

Plumberow 1v0 St Margaret's

Plumberow finished level 2nd with Grovewood, but Grovewood had a better goal difference which placed them 2nd, and Plumberow moved to 3rd. They all played very well throughout the competition, and should be as proud of themselves as I am of them.

Castle Point Level Two Basketball Competition

Today, Plumberow Academy played in the Castle Point Level Two Basketball Competition at Waterside Farm, Canvey.

The format was 3 pools of 5 teams. Each team played each other in a round robin. Games lasted 8 minutes. Each team had 10 players - 5 players (3 boys and two girls) played the first 4 minutes. Then, the next 5 played the 2nd half.

Results as follows:

Hockley 4 v 6 Plumberow

Plumberow 8 v 2 Edward Francis

Lubbins 0 v 10 Plumberow

Northwick A 4 v 2 Plumberow

So Plumberow went through as group winners.

Semi final:

Grove Park 4 v 6 Plumberow


Woodham Ley 0 v 6 Plumberow

Plumberow will now go through to the County Finals.

They played fabulously, and I'm very proud of them all.


On Tuesday 6th November, I took a team of 10 children - 5 boys and 5 girls - to a Dodgeball competition at Deanes.

There were 22 schools in the competition (there should have been 24, but two schools dropped out on the morning of the competition).

The schools were put into 4 groups of 4, and 2 groups of 3.

Plumberow was in a group of 4, with Hockley, St Margaret's,and Kingston.

The format was that two schools played each other for 3 consecutive games, two minutes per game, with a point awarded for a draw and 3 points awarded for a win. The top team from the group then went through to the next round.


Plumberow 3 v 0 St. Margarets

Kingston 2 v 1 Plumberow

Plumberow 1 v 2 Hockley

Plumberow finished 3rd out of the 4 schools in our group, one point short of Hockley.

A great display by our children, in a sport that is not on our curriculum, so well done everyone.

Table Tennis - Oct 18

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Table Tennis - Castle Point & Rochford

It was the Castle Point and Rochford Competition, with 3 schools taking part in separate Boys and Girls events. The other schools taking part were Grove Wood and St. Mary's.

Both squads played 5 matches and at the end of the afternoon we were runners up in both competitions - winning silver medals!

Everyone played superbly throughout the whole afternoon.

Table Tennis!

To celebrate National Table Tennis Day, members of the Hockley Table Tennis Club visited Plumberow and offered tips and advice on the game of Table Tennis to pupils in Year 3&5! They also advised the pupils of the Table Tennis Club which uses the facilities at Plumberow each week!

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Year 3 - Mr Baldwin's Class!

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Year 5 - Miss A. Jones' Class!


Pupils from Years 2,3,4,5,&6 who wanted to, participated in Triathlons at Plumberow!

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Years 2,3 and 4

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Years 5&6


Kwik Cricket Tournament!


'10 boys from Years 5&6 participated in the Castle Point 'Kwik Cricket' Tournament held at Benfleet Cricket Club. There were two groups - within our group there were 5 schools including us. The format was - no more than 8 from a school competing at any time.When batting, your team started with 200 points. Every time someone was out, 5 points were deducted from the score. It was normal cricket scoring with fours, sixes and runs between the stumps. Two batsmen went in to face two overs (12 balls) and then the next two went in, until all 8 batsmen had batted. When the team was bowling, every member of team bowled an over (6 balls). Our first game was against Northwick Park. Result - Plumberow 255 runs, Northwick Park 227 runs Next up was Kents Hill. Result - Kents Hill 244' Plumberow 235 Next up was Lubbins Park. Result - Plumberow 296, Lubbins Park 251 Next up was Westerings. Result - Plumberow 298, Westerings 210 We finished 2nd in our group, which should have meant that we went on to play the winners of other group, but due to lack of time, the format was changed, and there was a straight final and a play off for 3/4 place. So the final between Thundersley and Kents Hill - Thundersley went onto win. 3/4 play off was between Plumberow & Winter Gardens. Result - Plumberow 264 Winter Gardens 234 This meant that Plumberow finished with a bronze medal! The children represented the school brilliantly in behaviour as well as Cricket! I think the boys learnt as they were playing and through me advising after each game as practice before the event was limited. As Cricket is on a Friday at Plumberow and for 2 weeks in a row leading up to Tournament, most of team was representing the School in Football! So taking all that into account, the boys excelled.'

(report by Mr Toovey)

(level 2 - inter)

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Tri-Golf 2018

9 pupils from Years 5&6 took part in another Tri-Golf Tournament organised by the CPRSSP and played at Garons! Along with 4 other schools, the pupils participated in various putting and chipping activities. The scores accrued then determined the winners which on this occasion, were Wyburns! Well Done everyone!

(level 2 - inter)

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Tri-Golf at Garons


A huge well done to the team of Year 5 golfers who played superbly in the Tri-Golf tournament, at Garons on Tuesday afternoon. The event saw each team tackle various putting and chipping games, accumulating points to give a final total after all the games had been played. When the results were announced our squad had finished 3rd to claim bronze medals!'

(report by Mr Buckle)

(level 2 - inter)

A brilliant afternoon...lots of skills on show...

...and Plumberow finished 3rd!! - Fabulous!!



'On Tuesday 15th November, Plumberow's Dodgeball team went to The Deanes School to take part in a Dodgeball Tournament. There were fourteen other schools competing at the event. We won 2 matches, drew 2 matches and lost 2 matches. There were 7 schools in our group and we came 6th in our group. We had a great day of fun and it was a shame when we left!'

(report by Amelia and Oliver)

Well Done!

(level 2 - Inter)



Hockey - County Finals!

'The Hockey team traveled to Newport, Saffron Walden to play in the County Hockey finals at the Joyce Frankland Academy. There were two pools of teams, one pool of 5 and one pool of 4. The format was to play each other to get positions, and then 1st played 1st for 1st and 2nd overall, then 3rd v 3rd for 3rd & 4th and so on . There were no keepers, but no goals could be scored unless the player was in the oppositions D box.

The Plumberow team played excellent throughout, and grew stronger and stronger as the day rolled on. Results as follows .

Group games

Heycroft 3v0 Plumberow

Plumberow 1v0 Bradley

Debden 0v0 Plumberow

Plumberow 0v0 RA Butler

We then played against Felsted to finalise our group position. The game finished - Felsted 1v1 Plumberow The game now had to be decided on penalties - Plumberow won 5v4 on penalties!

Now it was time to play for 5th place - Bardfield 0v0 Plumberow. Due to the goals scored for and against , Plumberow gained that position. So out of 6 games played, Plumberow won 1, lost 1, drew 4, scored 2 conceded 4.

The children were well behaved and grew into the competition against the Private schools.

Well done all!'

(report by Mr Toovey)

(level 3 - county)

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Hockey Tournament 2018!

'Plumberow Academy took a Hockey team, to Clements Hall - 5 Girls, 5 Boys to play in the Castle Point Hockey Tournament. 3 Schools had pulled out, so we were one of four schools. The games were 6 minutes each way, 7 players on the pitch, 3 of them at least needed to be girls. We played a round robin so 3 games to play. All through the afternoon we played really well, good passing & attacking and defending as and when needed. The results:

St Margaret’s 0 Plumberow 6

Grovewood 0 Plumberow 1

Wyburns 0 Plumberow. 5

So played 3 games , scoring 12, conceding 0. All 10 players represented Plumberow Academy brilliantly with their Hockey Skills and behaviour too. Next ..... County Finals!'

(report by Mr Toovey)

(level 2 - inter)

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Hockey Tournament - County Finals 2017!

'The Team that won the Castle point Hockey tournament traveled to Felsted to play in the Hockey County Finals. Arriving at the School the first thing that dawned on us was the amazing facilities! We were taking part in some real Hockey, against some very good Schools. We were divided into two groups of 10, with each team playing each other once, then the winners and runners up playing each other in a semi-final - first in one group against 2nd in another, and then 3rd and 4th from each group playing each other to establish 3rd place. We were a bit naive to start, sticks up, waiting for the ball, ball watching, leaving players and not shutting down in the scoring zone. Infact, after the 1st game I thought we were going to be in for a very tough morning. But, the team grew into the tournament, and started to show that they had played the game before, and really started to cause the opposition some concern! Results of our day were as follows.

St Thomas 3v0 Plumberow

Alleyn Court 3v0 Plumberow

Elmwood 3v0 Plumberow

Rickling 0v1 Plumberow

After the first one, the games were quite evenly matched, and the scores do not reflect the game. We finished 4th in our group, and went on to play against the 4th of the other group. Bournes Green 2v1 Plumberow An enjoyable morning (mostly in the rain) we finished in 6th position out of 10 Schools. The Plumberow children played some great Hockey against some very strong Schools, and their behaviour was exemplary!'

(report by Mr Toovey)

(level 3 - county)

Our Hockey Heroes!

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Table Tennis!

More Table Tennis!

There was more table tennis when another group of our after school table tennis club visited Grove Wood! More singles, doubles and games against the teachers! Pupils also officiated matches!


Well done to all of the children in year 4 and year 5 who have represented Plumberow so excellently over the last two weeks in the table tennis friendlies against Grove Wood. All of the pupils have really improved their standard of play and the two sessions were great fun, including games of Beat the Teacher to finish!'

(report by Mr Buckle)

(level 2 - Inter)

A great 'friendly' experience!

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Some of the regular players from the Table Tennis After School Club played some pupils from Grove Wood in a friendly hosted by Plumberow! Singles, doubles and games against the teachers!! Lots of fun and a great opportunity to play against some different opponents. It was also an opportunity for the pupils to take full responsibility as they acted as referees and scorers for the matches!

(level 2 - Inter)

Great job!!

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