Hamilton Bear!

Our School Mascot Gets a Name!

A HUGE well done to the winner of our Name The Mascot! There were some FANTASTIC entries but unfortunately there could be only one winner! Hamilton will be representing Plumberow at future events and reporting back on his experiences! His twin has gone home with his new owner!Thank you to EVERYONE who supported this event which raised £130 for our new minibus!

Hamilton joined the KS2 Resilient Reader Raffle Ticket Winners when they visited Waterstones to choose their books....then joined Mrs Bolton's class (Year 2) when they had their end of term party!!

Sports Day 2018!

Hamilton was there at Sports Day cheering everyone on!!

Netball - County Finals!

When the girls played in the Netball County Finals, Hamilton was there giving his support!

Girls' Football Tournament at Colchester United!

Hamilton was supporting our Girls at their World Cup Football Tournament at Colchester United!

Year 6 Residential Trip!

Hamilton Bear has joined the Year 6 on their Residential Trip to Shropshire! He had a GREAT time and had the chance to join in some of the activities!

Father's Day Gift Shop!

Hamilton was very excited when he had the opportunity to shop at the Father's Day Gift Shop!!

Local 4 Schools Cross Country - Hockley!

Some more FANTASTIC running at the last of the 4 Local Schools Cross Country events! Hamilton cheered ALL the runners on!

Netball Tournament!

Hamilton saw the Netball Team go through to the County Finals when they won every match at the CPRSSP Netball Tournament at Deanes!

(As he was feeling quite tired after a day in the sun, he didn't feel up to attending the local schools cross country at Ashingdon but he will be at Hockley next week!)

Local 4 Schools Cross Country - Westerings!

Hamilton witnessed some more FANTASTIC running at the 4 Local Schools Cross Country events at Westerings!

County Cross Country Finals!

Hamilton went along with the Year 5 and Year 6 Girls' teams to the County Cross Country Finals held at Hadleigh Olympic Park! The next day he joined the individuals who qualified for the finals at the same venue!

Hamilton's First Official Appearance!

Hamilton's first outing was to watch the runners of the Local Schools Cross Country event hosted by Plumberow! He was very impressed with how everyone ran and is looking forward to watching more cross country running over the next few weeks!