Eco Club!

More Eco Hut News!

...then, Mrs Smart roped in her family to start work on the roof construction!

Eco Hut Update!

A delivery of the materials for the Eco Hut arrived at Plumberow! ....


Huge thanks to EVERYONE who supported our 'Bags2School' collection! Plumberow collected 750kilos which equated to £300!!! This money will now be used by the Eco Club for projects around the school!

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Eco Hut!

The Eco Hut is taking shape! The corner posts which have been very kindly donated by Hockley Woods, arrived with Hockley Woods also arranging for a company to 'get things started' with the placing of the corner posts for the basis of the 'hut' which will be available for all classes and pupils to use as part of their outdoor learning!

Week Ending 2nd February

The Eco Club were busy emptying ALL the paper bins around school at their latest meeting. They also had a discussion about ALL the paper waste in and around school!

Week Ending 26th January

At their meeting this week, members of the Eco Club distributed the letters and bags to classes for our 'Bags2School' collection on 7th February.

They also put their posters up around school, advertising the event!

Week Ending 19th January

At their meeting this week, the Eco Club started to prepare the 'Bags2School' bags and letters that will be distributed next week. They also created some posters ready to advertise this event!

Week Ending 12th January

The Eco Club have arranged a Bag2School fundraising event for Wednesday 7th February 2018. If you have any unwanted clothes, bedding, shoes, etc and would like to donate them, please bring them to Blue Hall on Wednesday 7th February. Your child will receive a bag for you to put your items in. Our school will receive £0.40 per Kg of clothing collected and we have decided to support the renovation of the Wildlife Pond area as our cause. Thank you.

Eco Club - Week Ending 8th December

The Eco Club have been concentrating all their efforts on the chicken area over the last few weeks!

New protection/fencing is slowly being added ready for the new year!

Eco Club - 21st November

In their second Eco Club the hard working Eco Warriors and Gardners continued the unending task of clearing and tidying areas around school. They also laid the slabs to make a path in the chicken area and made a start on cleaning out the pond! They were amazed at some of the items they retrieved!

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Eco Club! 14th November

'The first Eco Club which is now made up of Gardeners as well as Eco Warriors, went really well! Everyone worked really hard clearing the first part of the chicken area and laying down 2 bags of bark!

The aim of the club is to develop this area into a free range area for the chickens, take control of the recycling of paper / food waste around school and monitor the use of water / electricity.

We were lucky enough to receive just under £3000 from our local Co-op fund raising scheme earlier in the year. This money has so far paid for 3 large skips to clear away a green house, shed and lots of rubbish. We also had a Tree company come in to clear a large tree and tidy up what will be our Eco area. Hockley Woods are going to come in and place some solid oak posts in the ground so we can start to build a meeting hut for us to enjoy!

As mentioned, the Co-op included us in their Community Funding scheme in 2016 and have kindly included us again! The scheme will run until next October! If you have a Co-op membership card, please go on line and register with us. If you don't have a card, you can purchase one for £1 in store. You get 5% back on your shopping and 1% for our school. It's a great scheme and we as a school can benefit immensely from it. So please, if you can, purchase a card and help support Plumberow!

We will keep you updated on our progress as we go along!'

(report from Mrs Smart)

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