'BEST' 2018!


Along with 38 other schools in the Academies Enterprise Trust, Plumberow are taking part in BEST2018!

Working in conjunction with '7billionideas' pupils will take part in a competition, more details of which were explained at a special assembly!

The Challenge Begins!!

KS2 pupils began their 'BEST' Challenge! Click on the images below to view more photos!

Year 3 pupils working with Year 6 pupils!

Year 4!

Year 5!

Contenders for Winning Entry!

In a KS2 assembly, pupils found out more about the winning entries from each year group, who designed something that will 'Change the World' as part of the BEST 2018 day.

  • Years 3 & 6 worked together (headphones that give directions)
  • Year 5 (ocean saver-to keep the oceans/rivers etc clean)
  • Year 4 (wristband that you load money onto to save carrying money around)

Children then went back to class to vote on which idea they would like to go forward to represent Plumberow.

Once the votes have been collated, the winning idea that will represent Plumberow, will be announced!

click on the image below to view more photos!

...And The Winners Are.....

Well done to the winning entry that will represent Plumberow at the AET BEST finals!