Home/Academy Links

Our aim is to develop a partnership between home and the academy that enhances our shared commitment to the success of our children. We hope that there exists an ethos of openness and understanding in this relationship. We actively encourage parents to adopt a positive role in complimenting and supporting the work of the academy.

Most contact remains at the informal level between parent and a child's teacher. If, however, a more formal arrangement is appropriate, then a telephone call to arrange a mutually convenient appointment is helpful.

Many parents help with Reading, Maths, Science, and Computer Work, and anyone (parent or otherwise) with a particular skill in these or other parts of the curriculum, who could spare an hour or so each week, would be very welcome.

Links with Other Academies/Schools

The Academy maintains close working links with Greensward Academy and the Hockley and Rayleigh cluster of Primary Academies/Schools.

Staff training sessions are shared by all four local primaries. The various Heads and Deputies also meet regularly. Each year, the Year 6 teachers meet with senior staff at Greensward Academy to facilitate a smooth transfer for pupils leaving primary for secondary Academy.

Community Links

Hockley is a close community and we value our many links within our locality and with Academies and Colleges in the surrounding area.

Wrap-around Care

A Playgroup is situated in a demountable within the school grounds. The Playgroup is run by Jelly Beans and maintains close links with the academy.

A Breakfast Club which runs from 7:30a.m. until the beginning of school is run by Plumberow staff. More details can be found here!

There is also an After-School Club, which runs from 3:15p.m until 6:30p.m. This is situated within Blue Hall and is run by Plumberow staff.

The Academy also offers a wide range of before, during and after school activities. Details of these can be found here or from the Academy office.


For information regarding hiring of Halls, Playground or Field, please contact the Academy office.

More Community information can be found by following the links below!

As well as these, the Pupil Council organise special speakers into assemblies! More information can be found on their page which can be viewed here!