Hockley Library




Under new proposals in the "Essex Future Library Services strategy" (can be found online), our much-loved and valued Hockley Library is to be 'tier 3'. This is one tier away from closure and means it will be no longer be fully staffed or funded, with no digital/computer access and low stock. The opening hours and future of the premises and the other services (such as Rhyme Time and Knit and Natter) is unclear.

However, this is not a 'done deal'. Cllr Susan Barker who led the proposals has asked for public opinions and our voices need to be heard during the consultation period which is 29th November 2018 - February 20th 2019. So what can you do to help? LOTS!

  • Sign the e-petition calling for Hockley Library to be retained as it is - fully funded, staffed and serviced (with full digital access) by Essex County Council.
  • Or sign the supporting paper copies of the petition which you can find in many local places such as: Belchamps, Potters, Monkey Bizzness, Health Shop, Whizz Kids, Hockley Pre-school, Jelly Beans, Clever Clogs. ( More to be added soon )
  • Contact Cllr Susan Barker and ask for our Library to be retained as it is ( cllr.susan.barker@essex.gov.uk clicking this link will open in your email client )
  • Engage with the consultation online and at drop-in sessions at the library (details not yet announced - keep an eye on the Essex Libraries website and Facebook Page)