Supporting at Home and E Safety

Please see below for information regarding how Pioneer School help support pupils at home.

Bug Club

Bug club is an online reading programme we are using in the upper school to promote the development of reading skills. We are able to offer the opportunity for pupils in key stages 3, 4 and FE to log on to their homepage from a home computer and access their carefully selected online e-books.

The e-books are attractively designed, include fiction and non-fiction titles and develop both knowledge of letter sounds and key words. Our pupils love them!

If you are interested in your child using Bug club at home please contact their class teacher for log on details. There is a link to the Bug club website on the ‘Quick Links’ section of this website.

Maths at home

By doing some simple activities at home each day you can help improve your child's maths skills. Click here for some ideas.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is a free website which helps support the development of reading. It is linked to the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme we follow in our Primary classes. Click here for information on accessing the website where there are many free e-books which your child may enjoy at home. There are also activities to follow with each book.

There is a direct link to the website on the Quick Links section of this website. Please contact your child's teacher to find out which level would be suitable for your child.

(please note - these e-books require Flash and therefore do not work on the iPad)

Useful Apps

Educational and learning related apps are being produced all the time and we regularly review these to identify those that may be of value to our students. The links below, which are updated regularly, contain details of apps we feel may be useful.

If you have any feedback on any of these apps we would be pleased to hear it.

E- Safety

At Pioneer we take E-safety very seriously and have added some links below to you help you keep you and your family safe online. if you would like further information on E-Safety please see some of the links below.

The click CEOP button is an asset of the National Crime Agency's CEOP command works to protect children from the harm of sexual abuse and exploitation both online and offline.

The button has been developed to help both Students young children Parents/Carers and Proffesionals working with these groups quick and easy access to trusted online safety.

If you see something online that you are unhappy with or makes you feel uncomfortable click the button to the left.