Jack Petchey

Jack Petchey Winners Spring 2018

Kerry has made amazing progress this year. Last year Kerry found transition extremely difficult, however this year she will get on and off her bus, travel around school with a motivator and has left the school to attend the cinema and the gym.

Previously Kerry was only able to concentrate for small periods of time but now she will work for up to 20 minutes with adult support and is beginning to copy basic signs including waving to friends and signing thank you.

Some of the comments made by other staff, include: 'It's wonderful to see Kerry joining us for assembly', 'she is like a different child this year', 'She is so happy'.

Kerry is a happy child whose smile makes others smile around her. She is a pleasure to teach and to watch grow and develop.

Usama has been very caring towards his peers. He demonstrates empathy towards others and is always smiling. Usama has also worked really well during lessons; he is keen to help staff and peers.

Jack Petchy Winners Autumn 2017

Louise has been very caring towards her peers. She also demonstrates empathy towards individuals that maybe upset or in distress. Louise will also make staff aware of the needs of her peers.

Damian helps new members to the school feel very welcome. He always follows class rules and will take the time to help others. He includes everyone and every day is making academic progress, with support from his family. It has been wonderful to hear other staff say that Damian confidence's has grown tremendously this year, as he will now stand up in class, confidently and clearly ask questions and deliver messages to visitors and other members of staff.