Life Skills

Personal, Social & Health education is a major part of the FE timetable. We have high expectations of behaviour now the student’s are becoming young adults. We strive to prepare everyone for the transition to adulthood as well as give student’s opportunities and experiences to prepare them to live as independently as possible in the outside world. We have our own flat on site including a garden area and the students are given the opportunity to learn how to manage a home environment and use everyday appliances. This year we have covered:-

—Health and safety in the home

—Road safety and stranger danger

—Social skills and conventions

—Domestic skills

—Personal hygiene

—A healthy lifestyle

—Role modelling, behaviour and expectations

Students participate in all aspects of meal planning, shopping and food preparation. Throughout the year they will cover the following skills:

—Planning a meal and choosing the ingredients

—Preparing and cooking a meal

—Laying the table and serving the meal

—Washing and wiping up

—Health and safety in the kitchen

—Road safety and money recognition when shopping

This year students have cooked lunch for themselves as well as making sandwiches for the cafe at lunchtime and catering for in-house conferences and courses. Students have made the following :-

—Jacket Potatoes with bolognaise or cheese, beans and salad

—Spaghetti bolognaise and pasta bake

—Cottage pie and vegetables

—Sandwiches, rolls and wraps with salad and buffet food

—Home made soups


Working in the school flat learning essential life skills.