Experience of Work

Experience of Work in FE

Giving all our students in FE the opportunity to gain meaningful and relevant experience of work enables them to experience the world of the working environment outside the school setting. The work experience activities are normally greatly enjoyed by everyone who takes part and allows students to develop key skills such as communication, teamwork and social interaction.

Where students are able to access work experience opportunities we try, where appropriate, to provide these in either very small groups or individually. We currently have opportunities at local shops, The Ashley Centre and ASDA and from September 2018 a Jamie Oliver Cooking qualification for some students will be offered. We have experience of work opportunities on site where the pupils work with the onsite cleaning team, and build outside garden projects, the onsite Enterprise café and through art and craft sessions where students sell items they have made in the pop up shop. Other students are given experiences of work through community visits and Pioneer based tasks or placements.