In FE at The Pioneer School, the intention of our curriculum is to provide excellent opportunities and enriching experiences for all students that enabling them to develop the life skills they will need to prepare them for adulthood and to become as independent as possible.

Our curriculum is implemented using topics which are planned and shared across partner classes and key skills are embedded into all aspects of learning. This includes when we are out in the community as this is where a high proportion of our life skills are learnt and learning takes place.

Topics have been be developed by staff using a framework approach and planning will take into consideration the skills to be learned as well as the contexts in which they will be learned. This is because we fully recognise the importance of our pupils being able to transfer these skills and that they should be developed in many different contexts across the curriculum. Only then will they gain mastery and the skill be generalized.

Working within these broad themes we are able to adapt the curriculum to the needs and interests of all learners, medium term plans are tailored to the needs of the specific class, adapting the learning areas and opportunities to their interests, needs and level of learning. Daily planning supports the appropriate learning of individual pupils and is very adaptable to changes to support pupil’s changing needs and experiences.

We also provide regular Phonics and Guided Reading lessons and lessons focusing on application of number along with specific subject based teaching in Physical Education and RE. Sometimes, when learning requires a specialist teaching space, for example Food Technology, these will be taught as discrete subjects but the focus will remain on the development of key skills. Through our topics we are able to promote student’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development (SMSC)

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