Parent Partnerships

We are keen to promote positive relationships with parents, where we work together on agreed priorities for each pupil. During a pupil’s transition into Pioneer we make every effort to spend time talking to parents to gain the right information to ensure their child has a smooth start into their new class. We hold a number of ‘settle’ sessions where pupils and parents are invited in to spend time within the classroom and with our staff. We provide photos of the setting and the staff for every pupil to take away with them and we also arrange a home visit. We feel that seeing a new pupil in their own home is a good way to develop those early bonds and it gives us a good insight into what the child is really like when they are in their own comfortable surroundings.

We hold a number of coffee afternoons/mornings where parents are invited to join their child in class to either join in set activities or to watch a group activity. Once a pupil has settled into their new class we introduce weekly outings into the community, where we actively encourage parents to join us. The pupils have an opportunity to develop their stamina and also their awareness of danger (they are always well supervised by our highly trained staff) while walking to the local shops. The pupils get to experience new environments and to build tolerance of being out in the community. During their time out we promote independence and choice making skills by allowing them to bring their own money to purchase something small to eat or they may bring something from home.

Every pupil has a home/school book to aid communication between staff and parents. This is used to communicate key information about their day and letters from the school. We urge parents to also write in the book to inform us of any useful information that may support us in working with the pupil on that day, for example if they have not had a good night's sleep.