Our Learning Environment

All of our early years and key stage one classes have access to their own outside learning environment to extend the pupils’ learning. We offer a sensory curriculum that enables us to meet individual needs and support pupils in developing positive behaviour for learning. We do this by giving pupils constant access to sensory resources this enables them to regulate their mood and concentration skills so they can achieve and make good progress.

Here at Pioneer we believe that early intervention is key to enabling pupils to reach their full potential. We offer a range of strategies that support early development and promote these in every class, these include:

  • Total communication- including, objects of reference, the use of visuals (photos/symbols), signing, choice boards, turn taking boards, first/Then boards and the use of switches to communicate. We focus on pupils developing their ability to initiate communication.
  • Promoting joint attention. Every pupil has access to attention autism sessions.
  • Developing imitation- Staff leading and modelling skills throughout the day.
  • Developing pretend play- using and developing imaginative play skills by having access to quality role play equipment and the use of the immersive room.
  • Pupils developing flexibility of thought. To be able to transfer skills into all environments.

Outside Learning Environment