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Key Stage 1

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Visiting the Nursing home

All of the Students enjoyed taking part in the Pioneer has Talent show. They all performed brilliantly!

Enjoying the musical instruments in the Sensory Garden

Enjoying the outdoor Gym Equipment




Easter 2018

Going on an Easter egg hunt

Blue 3 a fun day

at the Zoo

We are exploring the sounds of the different instruments


Enjoying the garden area.

The pupils were mixing the icing for their cake using a switch. This enabled them to be in control of the food mixer. They then spread the icing on their cakes.

The class were doing blue paintings whilst listening to a piece of music called 'Rhapsody in Blue' by George Gershwin.

We do lots of exploring different medias in early years.

The pupils explored the books independently on the reading tuff tray. They worked alongside each other flicking through the pages of the book.

This pupil had his first music therapy this morning. he was unsure at first, but started to enjoy it and joined in, even moved his hand to touch the guitar and feel the vibrations.

Look at us enjoying our new Garden.