Recent Events

Who's at the door today?

This Week our Vice Principal Joanne Allain and our Site Manager Steve Turner have been dressing up to greet the Students at the door!

All of the students were excited and pleased to see the various characters waving as they arrived on their buses.

Joseph and the Donkey


Mrs Claus

Penguin and Reindeer

Turkey and Sprout

Elf on the Shelf


Culture Week November 2017

Green 6 - Rice picking

Green 2 - Sticking coloured maize flower on an African Flag

Red 2 - Making pizza

Celebration of New Gardens - 15th September 2017

On Friday 15th September we had a 'Garden Party' to celebrate and thank the many people who had supported us to raise funds to redevelop the garden in Blue corridor. We welcomed a number of parents,children, staff and Kate our chair of Governors, to enjoy a few cakes and the opportunity to see and experience our new outdoor learning space. We also welcomed the men from Cadent (National Grid) who kindly cleared the site for us free of charge, saving us thousands of pounds. This enabled the work to be completed over the summer break. We also had a number of members of the Dove choir who kindly donated the proceeds from their last concert to the garden fund. Everyone felt that it was a vast improvement and that it was now an outside learning space that the children could explore safely.

The children have been making full use of the outside learning space since we have come back in September. The new car track has been a huge success with many children enjoying role-play, by filling cars with petrol at the wooden play pump. Another firm favourite activity is swinging in the hammocks; the children are sharing with their peers and are starting to develop the concept of turn taking. We have also purchased a number of new free standing equipment which we can rotate around the garden to continually add interest for the children, These include: textured stepping stones, tunnels, tents, trampolines and role play pirate costumes for our wooden play ship.

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank the people who were unable to attend the 'Garden Party' and extend our most heartfelt gratitude as we would not have been able to achieve this fantastic outcome without your support; The parents who raised so much for the Pioneer Steps sponsored walk , the family and friends of Marcia Kirby for your most generous donation, Gaiety Balloons in Brentwood and the Oasis cafe of Peace in St Martins Church Basildon.

National Citizen Service - August 2017

National Citizen service (NCS) is a part-residential youth programme that is available to all young people aged 16-17. The Government invests at least £1300 for each young person to take part and NSC asks for a £50 contribution from Parents/Carers to secure a place. To date over 300.000 teenagers have participated with another 100.000 due to take part this year.

NCS is a three to four week programme that runs outside term time. Young people work in teams, take part in outdoor adventure activities and contribute the their community. The programme offers participants the opportunity to boost their CV and increase their confidence. Participants develop a social action project to deal with a local issue that they are passionate about and spend 30 hours putting the project into action in their community.

We had 15 students and a leader come into School and work in our garden areas for 2 days, weeding, digging and clearing up the area they did a fabulous job and were all very polite, helpful and hardworking individuals.

There are some before and after pictures below i'm sure you will agree the area now looks wonderful.

Thank You to our Volunteers! - 21st July 2017

On Friday 21st July we had our first annual Volunteers tea Party, to say a great bit Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers that have helped us through the year.

They were served Cakes and tea and coffee as well as cards made by the children and boxes of Heroes chocolates.