Our duty is to inspire young people to see the true beauty of mathematics in the wider world by bringing mathematics alive thereby making it exciting, relevant and easy.


To help provide all our children with both the mathematical content and transferable life long skills needed to prepare them for the modern world.


  • We support our children to become independent learners.
  • We support our children to become problem solvers in all context.
  • We support our children to become confident learners.

Our aims

  • Lessons to be rooted in the development of learners conceptual understanding and progression within the lesson and over time.
  • Learners to make connections between topics and see the ‘big picture’.
  • Constant opportunity in lessons to nurture mathematical independence, allow time for thinking and encourage discussion.
  • Problem solving, discussion and investigation to be integral to the learning of mathematics.
  • Fluent assessment of learners understanding through questioning, listening and observing enables fine tuning of the learning process.
  • Barriers to learning and potential misconceptions are anticipated and overcome, with errors providing fruitful points for discussion. Teachers communicate high expectations, enthusiasm and passion about mathematics to learners.
  • A very wide range of teaching strategies stimulate all learners active participation in their learning together with innovative and imaginative resources, including practical activities and, where appropriate, the outdoor environment.
  • Learning to exploit links between mathematics and mathematics beyond the classroom.

At Percy Shurmer we plan for progression following fortnightly units focusing on a specific mathematical topic. In addition to the daily Maths lesson additional provision is made to support our children to become arithmetically proficient:

  • able to recall quickly and accurately basic ‘number facts’ (e.g. number bonds, doubling and halving and multiplication and division facts.)
  • fluent in applying quick, efficient written and mental methods of calculation.