Our Policies

As we update and revise our policies we will be adding them to this area of our website. Parents and Carers are welcome to download copies of our documents (please note that you may require Adobe reader to view our policies). If you require a paper copy please visit our main office and our staff will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure.pdf
Term Time Leave (Pupils).pdf
SRE Policy.pdf
RE Policy.pdf
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy.pdf
Code Of Conduct.pdf
Admissions Arrangements (2017-2018).pdf
Admissions Arrangements (2018-2019).pdf
Accessibility Plan.pdf
Attendance Improvement Policy.pdf
Bad Weather Policy.pdf
Anti Bullying Policy.pdf
AET SEND Policy.pdf
Complaints Policy.pdf
Behaviour Policy.pdf
DFE Keeping Children Safe In Education.pdf
Charging & Remissions Policy.pdf
Exclusion Arrangements.pdf
E-Safety Policy.pdf
Pupil Premium Policy.pdf
Health & Safety Policy.pdf
Home – Academy Agreement.pdf
No Platform Policy.pdf
School Offer.pdf
Policy for the Administration of Medicines in Schools