Schemes and Planning

The Academy curriculum is outlined below but if you'd like to find out more please contact the Principal/Vice Principal at the school or see Twitter for lots of evidence of our wonderful broad, balanced curriculum in action

The Academy has a broad and balanced curriculum which is based on core subjects in the mornings (Maths, Reading, Writing, Phonics, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) and foundation subjects by a thematic approach in the afternoons.


2016-17 Academic Year (see curriculum overview below - two year rolling programme)

Covering the National Curriculum but with a thematic approach and usually a History, Science or Geography lead theme

This is taught in phases -

Phase 1 = Years 1 & 2

Phase 2 = Years 3 & 4

Phase 3 = Years 5 & 6

Maths is taught following the AET provided Maths Curriculum which follows the National Curriculum supplemented by additionally school sourced/produced materials

English - as per the National curriculum but broken down into units of narrative, non-narrative and poetry with different genres studied each half term

RE as per Middlesbrough agreed syllabus for RE 2014 and using the Discovery RE Curriculum (outline below)

PSHE as per the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work

Science through the Rising Stars Science Scheme of Work with additional themed resources

Medium term curriculum plans: