January 2021

Each morning, the children learning from home in Reception to Year 6 will be given a timetable via Seesaw for the day (example below) and an explanation video. In Nursery, videos will be available via our school YouTube channel.

Our daily videos will lay out what we expect you to do - each day will comprise of a minimum of the following:

- Reading

- Writing

- Maths

- Wider curriculum, sometimes linked to topic

Many of the tasks we set will be using our fabulous online learning tools/apps...

They're fabulous because they work great on your iPad and they give us great insight into how you are doing! We'll ask for others bits to go through Seesaw, so your teacher can help and support you.

Some of the tasks will involve live teaching via Google Meet, especially for our older children, and some tasks will have extra videos that involve modelling and/or worked examples.

As well working on your 1:1 iPads, we've included a pack that has new maths and writing books, amongst other resources. All maths and English-type tasks should be recorded in these books. You can then take a photograph of your work and send back to use via Seesaw.

There will always be a member of staff who is watching Seesaw, so any questions, queries or concerns can be sent on there. For Nursery, learning should be sent to school via the school email address, Facebook or Twitter.


Do we have to do ALL of that, each day?

We want children to complete all of the learning that is on offer; they've missed so much school over the past year and it is absolutely vital we keep learning going and do what we can to make sure they catch up. However, we know that times are very challenging and sometimes it can become difficult to get through everything. Don't panic. Activities will remain in the 'activities' section of Seesaw until completed, so they can be done at any time.

What if we just can't get anything done, one day?

Please do not worry! Lots of families have lots going on - your child(ren)'s happiness, health and well-being is the most important thing right now.

What if my child(ren) find the learning too difficult?

We'll work hard to set learning that matches your child(ren)'s ability, that's why we've included our new 'independence indicator'. Ask them to try hard and remind them that the best learning comes from being challenged. If you're unsure or still concerned, please ask your child's teacher.

I'm having to spend too much time supporting learning; where do I draw the line?

You're in control. Times are challenging enough and we certainly do not want families feeling more under pressure. By all means, end the task for the day and do something you think better suits your child(ren). We're always at the end of a phone/email, too!

I'm really worried about my child(ren) falling behind - what should I do?

Remember, a huge number of parents are in the same boat, up and down the country. Please do not worry and just focus on doing what you can, when you can. It's our job to worry about the rest!

I prefer paper packs; can I not have one of those instead of an iPad?

We'll be organising learning to be as similar as possible to that experienced in the classroom where of course, children use their 1:1 iPads frequently. Much of the learning will require the use of the school workbooks we've sent with the iPads. That means that on many occasions, the iPad will be used just to show the information, the questions or the task - the learning will be done in workbooks, which is essentially exactly the same as using paper resources. It is, of course, much safer, much quicker and much easier this way. If you'd like to talk about this more, please get in touch with your child's teacher.

Can we do MORE than the daily offer?

ABSOLUTELY! There is an abundance of extra learning available via 'Virtually NOPA' - more than 10 hours worth of maths and English, as well as various learning links with tasks to do across the curriculum.

AET Virtual Learning Quick Links

Access more virtual learning opportunities for your child here:

Information for Parents

We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, we have needed to make some adaptations in some subjects. For example, (please give examples of the kinds of changes you make to the planned curriculum when teaching remotely) Below you will find....using the buttons to quickly access remote learning opportunities by year group ....

Supporting you, our remarkable parents & carers

Working together to ensure every child is inspired to live a remarkable life!

We've listed below some quick links to helpful information. Created by educators and collected to support you during this time of remote learning.

Technical Support FAQ & Troubleshooting

We know this time is tough for parents and children. Use this link to access our quick guide to wellbeing with tips and advice.

Online Safety

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