The Eco Council are continue to work together to help the school become more environmentally friendly and to get the community more involved with all the projects planned.

The Eco Club continue to have an impact on decisions within the school, including introducing new recycling schemes and raising money for significant environmental charities.

At the beginning of the last school year, the Eco Team discovered that the school lacked a recycling system, so a meeting was arranged with Haringey Environmental Centre to discuss how they could introduce an effective but feasible recycling plan. This project encouraged the children to become engaged with the impact of recycling on both a local and global scale, prompting discussions on deforestation and pollution. Recycling bins were put into every classroom and emptied on a regular basis by members of the Eco-club, and we are continuing to do this for this coming year.

Children from Eco Club have also been encouraged to think about food waste, so together with Robert Thairu, director of Estates Elite Recycling, we have put together an action plan and food waste collection will start taking place soon. First step is to find out why there is so much waste. So Miss Ruiz will carry out a survey with groups of children from every year group.


Check all classes have a recycling bin.

Make a poster to explain things we recycle in class and provide one for each class.

Eco-council to collect recycling bins weekly.

Waste project linked to Rampur Gout Primary School.

ECO Council Action Plan 2018-2020
Eco Club Report for 2018-2019