Year 4

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Mr Pearce

Nutmeg Class Teacher

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Spring 1- Nutmeg curriculum letter

Year 4- Palm Class Curriculum Letter.pdf

Spring 1- Palm curriculum letter

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Autumn 2- Nutmeg curriculum letter

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Autumn 2- Palm curriculum letter

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Autumn 1- Nutmeg curriculum letter

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Autumn 1- Palm curriculum letter

Yearly Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Curriculum 2022-2023

Year 4 Launch Day November 2022

Children made some amazing projects over the holidays that they presented in the morning. We had a range of models of houses and transport from this period as well as fact files! Our first activity was exploring the timeline of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons period, children were given the task of ordering key events during this time chronologically. Children then had the opportunity to explore real artefacts that were found during the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons era. They predicted what the artefacts were used for and made from before learning more about them. They also looked at Runic writing and had a go at writing their names. In the afternoon, children built their own Viking long shit boats and Anglo-Saxon roundhouses.