Year 3

Meet the Team

Miss Shah

Lime Class Teacher

Mr Paton

Kiwi Class Teacher

Mr Young

Mango Class Teacher

Mango Class curriculum letter Autumn 1 .pdf

Autumn 1- Mango curriculum letter

Kiwi Class curriculum letter Autumn 1

Autumn 1- Kiwi curriculum letter

Lime Class curriculum letter Autumn 1

Autumn 1- Lime curriculum letter

Yearly Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Curriculum 2022-2023

Year 3 Launch Day September 2022

During Launch Day, children shared their holiday projects, asking each other questions about what they made and why they chose to make it. Children explored a range of artefacts and answered questions such as: What is it? What is it made of? Who made it? Who uses it? Why might they use it? Where is it used? When is it used? Why does it look like this? How might it be used? Can you think of something similar? During the day, we created a mind map and wrote ideas about everything we already know about the Stone Age and what we would like to learn more about.

To help us learn even more we played games such as charades – where children had to silently act out given information for other to guess, and call my bluff – where we read three differing reasons about how a ram’s horn was used in the Stone Age, we had to reason which was the truthful account.

We also learnt about cave painting and really enjoyed using different techniques to create our own.

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