My Child has Difficulties with Sensory / Physical Needs

This section covers students who have difficulties with:

• Vision

• Hearing

• Gross motor co-ordination

• Fine motor co-ordination

• Self-organisation for daily living

• It includes conditions such as cerebral palsy, physical injury, dyspraxia

NB Please see speech, language and social communication section for sensory issues relating to ASD/Asperger Syndrome

What does Noel Park offer?

All students at Noel Park can access

• Quality First teaching with appropriate differentiation (including best SEN practice)

• Visual aids to support key vocabulary, concepts and themes.

• Amplification of sound for aid users.

• Whole-school Intervention Programmes.

• Access to homework support clubs

• Accelerated Reader Programme

• Access to assessment for identification of significant needs.

• Dedicated and caring staff who value all students regardless of ability.