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As well as the home learning set by teachers, there are many other learning websites that can be explored.



Pobble offers a daily writing stimulus. Children can use the picture as inspiration for a story or another genre of writing.



Twinkl offers a huge range of resources. During the period of school closures, they will provide much of their content for free.



Scholastic is providing a range of reading, videos and activities during the period of school closure.

Khan Academy


Khan academy is an American site, although much of the content is still relevant. There are activities for maths, English, science and many other subjects.

Circle Time


Circletime offers a range of videos for younger children, including yoga, cooking, stories, art and many more.

Club SciKidz


Club SciKidz is providing a daily science activity that can be carried out with resources found in the home.



Beanstalk offers videos for children 6 and younger that provide lessons on subjects such as art, music and stories.



A free coding platform where children can develop their coding skills.



A language learning website where children can practise their Spanish skills (or any other language) while not in school.


It is crucial during a period of self-isolation that children stay as active as possible. An hour a day of activity is recommended where possible. The websites below can be used to keep children active in an engaging way.

Go Noodle


Go Noodle has a huge range of videos that help children stay active, even when they are indoors.

Cosmic Kids’s Yoga


A brilliant collection of yoga videos that are fun and engaging for children.

Here are some videos to support your child with phonics!

How to pronounce the phase 2 sounds.MOV

How to pronounce the phase 2 sounds

How to pronounce the phase 3 sounds.MOV

How to pronounce the phase 3 sounds

How to pronounce the phase 5 sounds.MOV

How to pronounce the phase 5 sounds

How to blend phase 3 sounds together to read words..MOV

How to blend the phase 3 sounds together to read words

How to blend phase 5 sounds together to read words.MOV

How to blend the phase 5 sounds together to read words

How to read words with split digraphs! MOV.MOV

How to read word with split digraphs!