Educational Visits

Pupils take part in a variety of educational visits.

We feel that these are very important to provide a broad and rich curriculum. They are only possible if the majority of parents/carers support the academy by paying a voluntary contribution to the cost of organising the trip. Educational visits are non-profit making. If sufficient funds are not raised through voluntary contributions, visits may be cancelled.

Charging and Remissions

No charges are made for basic materials used in academy time which are part of the academy curriculum. Parents/carers are asked for voluntary contributions towards the cost of educational visits, visiting theatre/musical companies, instrumental tuition involving peripatetic teachers, some clubs and DBS checks, and the costs associated with our Year 4, 5 and 6 residential trip. We may occasionally make a small charge for cookery ingredients and specialised materials. No child is ever excluded from an activity because of the parents/carers' inability to contribute. If you have a difficulty with payments of any kind, please come in and discuss it with the Executive Principal. If any item of academy equipment is damaged wilfully, parents/carers will be requested to make a voluntary contribution towards its replacement.

Year 3 Trip to London - Summer 2022