Academy Meals

Dinner Money

Must be paid in advance and NOT in arrears. The weekly cost of your child’s lunch is £11.00

Free School Meals - Change of Circumstances

If your circumstances change or you start working, you must tell us immediately as you are liable for payment of your child's school meals and paying the higher rate of Extended Day from the day you start working or when your benefits stop.

For clarification, even if you are on a low income but receive Working Tax Credit you will not be entitled to Free school Meals.

Please use the Free Schools Meals Eligibility Tab to check if you are entitled to Free School Meals.

Lunchtime at Noel Park Primary School – Covid-19 update

Our school kitchen is fully operational. All pupils from Nursery - Year 4 will continue to get a cooked meal every day. Due to space in the dinner hall, Year 5 and 6 will alternate between having a hot school meal in the dining room for one week and a lunch bag provided by the kitchen in their classroom the following week (for pupils who are in receipt of free school meals or who pay for a school meal).

Salad selection at Noel Park Primary School

Sample of main menu