Student Responsibilities

As part of the Home School agreement, students have a responsibility to the academy.

Students will:

Attend the Academy every day and be on time to registration and lessons

Wear correct uniform at all times

Come to the Academy fully equipped for learning

Complete homework

Talk to a member of staff if I have any concern

Always listen to and follow instructions carefully

Respect myself and others

Take care of the Academy building

Not use racist, sexist or offensive language or behaviour

Make sure mobile phones, hoodies or caps are not heard or seen

Take responsibility for my actions and accept any sanctions I may receive

To see the Home School Agreement, please click here.

Nightingale Academy Code of Conduct

Do as you are told, when you are told

Listen in silence

Put your hand up to speak

Keep negative comments, hands & objects to yourself

Playground Expectations

Go to your lunch sittings at the correct time

Use positive language, do not swear

Report any damage to staff on duty

Be respectful to others in the playground

Only play sports in the correct areas

Use the bins provided, do not litter

Move towards lessons quickly at the end of lunch